Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Go Hard

This week I chose the song "I Go Hard" by Gangstagrass. I picked it because that should be the attitude of any athlete and also the resiliency my pick 'em skills and fantasy teams have shown.

Last night I overcame a large deficit in my Bottineau fantasy football league to keep my playoff hopes alive. However, I do still need to win this week and have another team lose to make it in, so it's still a tough road, but thanks to Cam Newton, I can still go hard for another week.

I also won my fourth week of NFL pick 'em with a 14-2 mark this past week. I missed only the the close Tampa Bay loss and another close Seattle loss. I am in 15th place though overall and am 13 behind first, so winning isn't looking too likely, but I'll keep chugging along. 

I have only a couple pictures of Bottineau basketball practice from last week:

Braves head coach Nate Simpson demonstrates the proper technique at last Tuesday's practice.

From left Garrett Lynnes, Jacob Halvorson, Jake Carroll and Cody Beaver fight to get a rebound.

Philip Neubauer, the next MJ?

Senior Jeremiah Aberle awaits instruction.

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