Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Get Lucky

This week I'm celebrating the victory of Daft Punk and Pharell Williams' hit "Get Lucky" for winning Record of the Year at the Grammy's last Sunday. It was a great song off a great album. Glad RAM and Daft Punk did so well.

This past week I was truly busy as I had 12 stories/staff reports to get ready for the paper. I also photographed three basketball games and two hockey games.

Last night I covered the first of three doubleheaders for this week. It turned out to be a really exciting night as the Jacks men won in overtime. The others are Bottineau basketball on Thursday and Westhope-Newburg basketball on Friday. Expect pictures from those for next week.

This week, I have photos from the other five games I had in the past week or so. Enjoy, and follow me on twitter @typhoonater467 to see updates on Bottineau area sports and other things too.

The crowd cheers after a Bottineau-Rugby goal last Monday in a 9-6 win over Minot.

Senior Cody Bedlion follows through after a pass inside in the second period.

Junior Luke Amsbaugh about to hammer a shot toward the Minot net.

Harrison Aide glides toward the net to try and score.

Aide chases down a puck in the offensive zone.

Andrew Hill points to the sky after scoring the first Bottineau-Rugby goal of the night.

A referee removes the annual rabbit toss off the ice during play in the final period.

Chance Kitzman (left) and Tanner Volson fight for a rebound last Thursday in Westhope.

Hunter Braaten gets up court in a 54-52 loss to Drake-Anamoose.

Braaten steps back.

Sioux sophomore Chase Conway concentrates on defense.

Bottineau's Garrett Lynnes defends a shot last Saturday against Bishop Ryan.

Senior Philip Neubauer goes after a rebound.

Maria Diepolder goes hard to the hoop last Saturday against the Bishop Ryan Lions.

Help, I can't see.

Senior Courtney Gallagher puts up a jump shot in the second half.

James Kelly makes a move toward the goal against St. John's JV last Sunday.

Mark Williams looks to launch the put at the net.

Cody Bronson fights with a defender to control a puck in the offensive zone.

Aaron Rasmusson flashes to try and stop a defender from clearing the puck.

Harrison Aide scores one of four goals last Monday.

Neubauer scores two points.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dark Horse

This week I chose the song "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry and Juicy J. That's the way that teams are going to have to make themselves this year as underdog is a common theme for many teams in the area.

This past week I covered a Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB) basketball doubleheader, both a game for the Bottineau boys and girls, the Westhope-Newburg girls and the Bottineau 19U team.

Congratulation to the Seahawks as they advanced to Super Bowl LXVIII. I picked them preseason to win the title, so I will be cheering for them. If you don't believe me, check here http://g2knowbouttineau.blogspot.com/2013/09/step-by-step.html.

I have 21 photos from the past week, and follow me on twitter @typhoonater467.

Bottineau sophomore Parker Engelhard tosses a pass to a teammate last Saturday against Berthold.

Braves senior Jake Carroll fights with Adam Knudsvig for the opening tip.

Junior Christian St. Claire plays tough defense in the third quarter.

Bottineau 19U's Erin Severson tries to get between two Miles City defender last Saturday evening.

Senior captain Bailey Neubauer knocks the puck away from a Miles City player.

Alexis Kihle skates the puck past the blue line.

Snowfest queen and Stars captain Karlee McCloud backhands the puck to the net.

Paige Stratton saves the ball from going out of bounds last Saturday in a game between Westhope-Newburg and Berthold.

Morgan Kerslake tosses a pass inside for the Sioux.

Kersten drains a three.

Molly Lodoen fights to the hoop.

Amber Hall puts up a two-point shot.

Seniors Harrison Aide (left) and Tanner Bickford (right) broadcast the game last Thursday between TGU and Bottineau.

Stephanie Brenden attempts to block a McKenna Thompson shot.

Brenden puts up a jump shot.

Senior Danielle McDonald throws up a three pointer.

Jalyn Turner jacks up a three in the first half last Monday against United Tribes.

Sam Robinson attempts a dunk.

Gilberto Shojgreen puts up a jumper.

Ladyjacks freshman Imani Scott goes in for two last Monday against the Thunderbirds.

Dominique Staten puts in a layup.

Scott gets two again.

Freshman Savannah Bruce gets two late in the game.

Justin Musgrave passes to a teammate.

McKenna Thompson and Stephanie Brenden fight for a loose ball.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The friend of any athlete away from the court/ice/mat, sweatpants are God's gift to us for their comfort, warmth and overall amazingness. That's why I chose the song "Sweatpants" by Childish Gambino from his recent album "because the internet." It's one of the better rap albums released in recent memory.

This past week I was fairly busy covering a doubleheader between Westhope-Newburg and Bottineau boys and girls, another Braves basketball game and a Dakota College at Bottineau hockey game.

Last night I covered a doubleheader from the DCB basketball teams, and I will be covering BHS boys and girls basketball, 19U and Westhope-Newburg girls the rest of the week.

I have 20 pictures from the past week to share, and follow me on twitter @typhoonater467

Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB) sophomore Matt Mehlhaff looks to score in the second period last Sunday.

DCB's Casey Barile hammers a slap shot last Sunday against the Maple Grove Energy.

Alex Herman corrals a puck while looking for a teammate.

Aaron Rasmusson tries to fight past an Energy defender.

Drew Ross scoops up and stops a puck from crossing mid ice.

Lucas Lindholm skates past the blue line.

A swing and a miss by Reed Loucks.

Christian Vivian sweeps a puck in front of him to cover it.

Cody Anderson delivers a pass to the center.

Bottineau senior Garret Pollman goes behind the back against Dunseith last Thursday.

Christian St. Claire jacks up a three against the Dragons.

Jacob Halvorson goes in for a bucket last Tuesday against Westhope-Newburg in Westhope.

WN's Chase Conway and Pollman go up for a rebound.

Philip Neubauer of the Braves boxes out Chance Kitzman.

Bottineau's Jocelyn Jahner (left) and Megan Fix try and trap the Sioux's Molly Lodoen.

Stars senior Rachael Fix looks to pass to fellow senior Megan Saville last Tuesday against the Sioux.

Sioux senior Ethan Miller soars past Alex Bristol for a bucket.

Lodoen goes up against Bottineau's Courtney Gallagher.

Sioux junior Amber Hall chases after Bottineau's Stephanie Brenden.

Paige Stratton attempts a three pointer last Tuesday against the Stars.