Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Take a Little Ride

I think that Jason Aldean's Take a Little Ride perfectly explains my past week. With more than 15 hours of road time logged this past week I certainly rode all over North Dakota and some of Minnesota as well. Also it was quite a ride for the Bottineau volleyball team and the Westhope-Newburg-Glenburn football team as they both wound up with runner-up finishes. The Stars were runner-up in the Region 6 tournament and the Sioux were runner-up in the Class A Dakota Bowl.

Congratulations to all who made it that deep in the playoffs this year. It was fun to cover.

Not a whole lot to cover this week, but I could use a bit of a break. I have a DCB men's basketball game on Thursday, and then 19U and Jacks hockey games on Saturday.

I eeked out a fantasy win last night in my bad league, so now I'm 2-8. Great. I lost again this week in my Bottineau league thanks to another unimpressive performance by my players, who almost all underachieved. It's going to be another brutal week as I go up against another of the big dogs of the league so far. Playoffs are on the line, so it's a must-win. I did really well in pick 'em going 11-3 this week and winning my third week of the year. However, I have a lot of catching up to do as I'm 11 points behind first place for the season.

Anyway, I have several pictures from volleyball and football this past week, enjoy:

Stars junior Courtney Gallagher serves last Tuesday in a win over Kenmare at the Minot Auditorium during the Region 6 tournament.

Senior Katryna Hahn digs out a Honker shot last Tuesday.

Karlee McCloud (right) celebrates with Gallagher (left) during the win over Kenmare last Tuesday.

Hahn tips it over the net.

Hahn tips it past a Honker players out stretched hand.

Junior Danielle McDonald smacks a hit cross court.

McDonald watches as the ball soars to the Kenmare side of the net.

Kennedy Olson (left) and Stephanie Brenden (right) go up to try and block a Honkers shot.

Hahn goes up to try and block a Shelby Hass hit.

The Westhope-Newburg-Glenburn and Hazen captains shake hands before the Class A Dakota Bowl.

From left: Tom Nesvold, Hunter Braaten, Karlie Hancock and Devin Korynta watch the coin toss. Can you spot the coin?

Sioux fans get excited as the game is about to start.

The Sioux players and coaching staff lineup for the National Anthem.

Sioux linebacker Hawkin Smette tries to bring down the elusive Briar Bornemann.

Nesvold, the Sioux coach, discusses a call with the officials.

Kodie Hancock breaks around the corner.

A couple of young Sioux fans show their pride.

Bornemann stiff arms Braaten on a run in last Friday's Dakota Bowl.

The Sioux cheerleaders try and pump up the crowd after the Sioux fell behind 29-0.

Braaten chats with receiver Tyler Simpson during halftime, while he warms up.

Braaten tosses a pass toward the sideline.

Simpson tries to bring down Bornemann.

Senior linebacker Logan Hermes goes in for a big hit on Hazen quarterback Stetson Carr.

Braaten breaks free from a Bison tackler.

Braaten wind up before he delivers a pass.

Nesvold talks to Jacob Romsos, who got to get in a play. The senior tore his ACL earlier in the season.

Walker Braaten, Hunter's little brother (right) watches on as the Sioux fell to the Bison 55-28.

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