Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A great week for Bottineau Sports

This past was as good a week as I've seen for Bottineau sports, even with a tough 2-1 loss last night to Minot High in hockey.

Tuesday I went up to the college and saw both the men's and women's basketball teams dismantle nearby Turtle Mountain Community College.

Thursday evening the Bottineau Braves basketball team cashed in another District 11 win over TGU, but it wouldn't be their biggest highlight of the week. That happened Saturday in Minot when Mark LaCroix provided the heroics to upset the No. 4 ranked Bishop Ryan Lions. Although I wasn't there, it was a big moment in the season for them. They are now ranked No. 9 in Class B.

Friday night I went and covered the BHS girls basketball team, who got their second district win over Dunseith.

Finally Monday, the Braves hockey team hosted Minot in a crazy game that was decided by defense. The Magicians won 2-1, but the Braves played some of the betst defense they have had all season.

Anyway, took lots of pictures this past week, hope you enjoy.

Braves junior Justin McCloud signals the play last Thursday against TGU.

BHS junior Mark LaCroix blazes past a Titan defender last Thursday in Bottineau.

Junior forward Matt Bowers traps a TGU guard in the corner in the first half.

Braves senior Tyler Neubauer drives for a tough two.

Two Bottineau Hoopster's dive for control of a loose ball during halftime of the boys game last Thursday.

LaCroix hits the outlet pass to McCloud after a rebound in the first half.

LaCroix puts up a layup in the second half Thursday.

Senior Patrick Nelson gets two points near the end of the 81-66 Braves win.

Heidi Artz passes with ferocity against Dunseith last Friday.

Stars junior Mikayla Hahn catches up with a loose ball last Friday.

Hahn fights for possession with a Dragon defender in the first half.

Bottineau freshman Danielle McDonald shoots over a Dunseith player last Friday.

Artz attempts a layup in the second half.

Junior Whitney Page grabs for a loose ball in the second half.

Senior center Alysha Thompson drives to the basket in the second half.

Jacks freshman Jabari Martin delivers a no-look pass last Tuesday against TMCC.

Jacks center Tyler Fischer is fouled while going to the basket in the first half last Tuesday.

I swear, I didn't touch it.

Fischer passes to a teammate in the second half.

Tyler Ystaas dribbles the ball up the court last Tuesday.

DCB freshman Jordan Allard drives inside against TMCC last Tuesday.

Ladyjacks sophomore Shannon Smith throws a sneaky no-looker in the second half last Tuesday.

Crystal Dammen attempts a three in the second half.

Dammen drives to the basket in the second half.

Sophomore Kate Helgeson sets a pick for freshman Jessica Skees in the second half.

Sophomore Karly Brummond shoots amidst a few Mikinock defenders.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Successful week

It was another successful week for sports and sports coverage this week in Bottineau.

Thursday night was the big inter-District battle between Bottineau and Westhope-Newburg in boy's basketball. Bottineau came out on top.

Saturday marked BHS hockey's ninth consecutive victory as they beat Bismarck High 3-2.

I took some good pictures for all of them and had a good time doing it. Back to work again this week. I also made the mistake today of looking forward to what is coming in February. It looks like it might be a train wreck and a headache.

Here are my pics for this week:
Braves senior Leo Hoffert and junior Andrew Lorenz get tangled while trying to get control of the puck.

Braves junior Logan Millican jets past a Demon defender last Saturday in Bottineau.

BHS freshman Harrison Aide maneuvers past three Demon defenders in the first period last Saturday.

Aide loses his stick in the second period last Saturday in Bottineau.

Aide chases down a run-away puck against Bismarck High.

Braves junior Kyle Volk fights off a Demon defender in an attempt to score in the second period last Saturday.

Braves senior Captain Seth Serhienko handles the puck on a breakaway in the third period.

Serhienko takes a shot in the third period.

Braves senior Tyler Neubauer passes in the first half last Thursday.

Both BHS head coach Nate Simpson (left) and Westhope-Newburg coach Bob Beaudrie (right) employ crouch technique last Thursday in Bottineau.

Braves junior Justin McCloud shoots over Sioux defenders Wyatt Kitzman and Jake Tengesdal last Thursday.

Tengesdal tries to catch up to a loose ball in the second half.

Tengesdal dives after a loose ball.

Sioux freshman Hunter Braaten shovels a pass to a teammate Thursday.

Braaten drives past McCloud for two.

Sioux sophomore Karlie Hancock makes a move to get past Mark LaCroix for a bucket.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If I thought I was busy last year...

Then I clearly didn't realize what covering nine sports can do to a person. I was crazy busy the past week, running all over to cover Bottineau County sports. And Lumberjack hockey hasn't even restarted yet. Whew! I get tired just thinking about it.

Tuesday I began at the DCB women's basketball game, but had to leave early to cover Bottineau boy's basketball, but I left that early to go back to DCB to watch the last half of the men's game.

Wednesday evening was the Courant's Christmas party. It had excellent food, excellent company and was an all around good time.

Thursday I had bowling, the only time I get to go all month due to occupational obligations.

I traveled to Westhope on Friday to cover a girls/boys doubleheader against Stanley. Lastly, on Saturday I took pictures of the Bottineau 19U girls hockey game and then moseyed over to BHS to take a special picture for the girl's basketball coach for his 700th win. Then I also covered their game.

So, after all that one can imagine I had quite a number of stories to write, which I spent Sunday and early Monday morning doing. I still managed to get off in time to play pep band Monday at the girls basketball game. It was strange, yet fun.

I picked two of the four NFL playoff games correctly (I bet anyone can guess which two).
I have lots of pics this week, here they are:

The BHS cheerleaders perform during halftime last Tuesday against Kenmare.

Braves junior Mark LaCroix passes the ball to a teammate last Tuesday against Kenmare.

Braves senior Taylor Milbrath barks out the offense last Tuesday.

 Which way am I supposed to go again coach?

Jacks sophomore Jordan Ralph attempts a free throw last Tuesday against NDSCS.

Jacks sophomore Cobretti Parisien drives between Wildcat defenders.

Didn't your mother tell you its not polite to point Mr. Hunt?

Karly Brummond tries to remove a defender from Haley Mindt after she gets a rebound last Tuesday.

Ladyjacks sophomore Shannon Smith drives between two Wildcat defenders last Tuesday in Bottineau.

Smith smiles as she takes the ball up the court.

Smith goes in for the easy two.

Ladyjacks sophomore Allison Scherr passes the ball to a teammate in transition.

Kate Helgeson, Ladyjacks sophomore, attempts a shot last Tuesday.

Helgeson shoots over two Wildcat defenders. 

Sioux senior Brandon Brodehl passes the ball in the first quarter last Friday.

Sioux junior Wyatt Kitzman throws a "no-look" pass last Friday against Stanley.

Freshman guard Hunter Braaten drives inside for the Sioux last Friday in Westhope.

Jake Tengesdal, a Sioux junior, attempts a free throw last Friday.

Sioux junior Kristin Arneson watches as a teammate shoots a free throw.

Senior Kendra Thom puts up a shot in the first half last Friday against Stanley.

Sophomore center Hadlee Schell tries to score past a Blue Jay defender.

Schell (left) and Jade Teske (right) fight with a Blue Jay defender for a loose ball in the second quarter.

Thom passes in the second half.

Thom avoids the swarming Blue Jays defense in the second half.

Bottineau's Ashley Blue skates the puck past the blue line last Saturday.

Morgan Klebe skates up the ice against Sidney, Mont. 19U last Saturday in Bottineau.

Captain Heather Milbrath gets tangled with a defender in the first period last Saturday.

Bailey Neubauer awaits the drop from the official in the first period.

Blue races past the Sidney defense.

Stars senior Alyssa Strong looks to pass inside to fellow senior Alysha Thompson last Saturday.

Stars junior Trista Bjerk runs down an errant pass last Saturday against New Town.

Junior Mikayla Hahn tries to tip one in on Saturday in Bottineau.

Thompson fights with an Eagles defender for possession.

Stars junior Whitney Page shows her defensive prowess during a full-court press last Saturday.

Page passes to Hahn in the second half.

Stars junior McKenzie Jensen attempts a three in the second half last Saturday.

Page fights for the ball with an Eagles player late in the fourth quarter.

Thompson attempts a shot while falling away from the basket.