Monday, December 30, 2013

Tear it Up

I'm back after taking a week off for Christmas. I was privileged enough to make it back home to Minnesota and have some great times with family and friends.

This week I chose the song "Tear it Up" off of R. Kelly's new album "Black Panties." Though it isn't a great album, I still like R. Kelly's music.

The past couple weeks I covered some basketball games from both the Westhope-Newburg and Bottineau girls, as well as the Bottineau boys.

I also finished out the fantasy football season with a pair of championships in my public league, and a league with friends from back home. I wound up taking 10th place in my Bottineau league, and seventh place in a league with some family in which I ran the team, but didn't draft it.

I completely fell apart in NFL pick 'em, getting only five right in week 16, and then forgetting to make my picks in week 17. I didn't win a single week in my pool.

Anyway, I have several pictures to share from the past couple weeks, and follow me on twitter @typhoonater467.

Senior Garret Pollman fires a pass up court back on Dec. 17 in a game against Our Redeemers.

Pollman blocks a Knights player going for a layup.

Jake Carroll (left) and Christian St. Claire play defense for the Braves.

Paige Vad reacts after missing a free throw during a contest a halftime.

Pollman delivers an athletic pass.

Pollman tries to beat a defender to down the court.

Hannah Tofteland (left) and Mayce Brodehl press against Kenmare's Kennedy Chrest back on Dec. 20 in Westhope.

Westhope-Newburg's Molly Lodoen is fouled by the Honkers' Shantell Brekhus.

Senior Ashlyn Huber hits jump shot in the second half.

Junior Lauren Mach passes to a teammate.

Lodoen picks the pocket of Kenmare's McKenzie Chrest.

Bottineau Stars senior Rachael Fix blinks past a Watford City defender last Saturday.

Junior Stephanie Brenden attempts a half court shot before halftime.

The Stars players and coaches line up for the National Anthem last Saturday against the Watford City Wolves.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last Day of School

Their first album in 11 years may be a flop, but I still love the band Boston, so this week I chose the song "Last Day of School" from their new album "Life, Love & Hope." It will soon be the last day of school before the holiday break, at least that's my rationale.

This past week I covered some Dakota College at Bottineau hockey, a pair of DCB basketball games and Bottineau Stars 19U.

I have a game (and pep band) tonight for the Bottineau boy's basketball team, and I will travel to Westhope on Friday to cover the Sioux girls basketball team.

I went 2-2 in my fantasy football leagues, which puts me in the championship in those two leagues. In the others I'm playing for pride in the ninth place game, and the seventh place game.

I had another poor NFL pick 'em week with only eight right.

I have a number of pictures to share from the past week, enjoy and follow on twitter @typhoonater467.

Cheyenne Sturlaugson of the Bottineau Stars 19U team fires a shot toward the net last Sunday against Williston.

Senior captain Bailey Neubauer delivers a shot attempt at the Cougars net last Sunday.

Erin Severson threads a pass to a teammate in the second period.

Alexis Kihle gets a shot attempt past a Cougars defender.

Sonya Gilje works around a defender in the corner.

Gilje lofts the puck on a goal she scored in the opening period last Sunday.

Severson corrals the puck in the corner during the opening period.

Kihle skates the puck along the boards.

DCB head coach Cory Fehringer talks to sophomore Julian Vasquez in the second half of the game last Friday against Jamestown JV.

Vasquez plays defense during the second half last Friday evening at the Woodshed.

Freshman Gilberto Shojgreen scores two of the Jacks 88 points.

Jalyn Turner fights past two defenders.

Vasquez soars for a dunk.

Wesley Harrison lays the big time smack down on a dunk in the second half.

Leah Parizek (left) looks on as sophomore Tiffany Bradford fires a three point shot from the corner. DCB photography professor Clint Saunders photographs the play.

Ladyjacks freshman Whitney Brandvold puts in two points.

Bradford goes up for a bucket in the first half last Friday against Jamestown JV.

Freshman Savannah Bruce scores two points late in the game.

Dominique Staten puts up a floater in the lane in the first half.

Reed Loucks gets skinny against Minot State last Tuesday.

Brett Hebel fires a shot at the Beavers net during a power play.

Chris Watkins hits a shot from up top.

Cody Anderson faces off against the Beavers' Michael Jordan.

Another edition of Where is the puck? This one with Loucks.

Ryan Miner makes a pad save in the opening period last Tuesday.

Miner makes a save.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

This week I'm throwing it back to the '80s as I chose "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" by Starship. The song could very well be the Dakota College at Bottineau men's basketball team's theme as they have jumped out to an 13-2 record to start the season, and are now ranked in the top 20 in the nation.

This past week I photographed Bottineau Braves basketball, Bottineau-Rugby hockey, Westhope-Newburg boy's basketball and 19U hockey.

Upcoming for me this week I have DCB hockey tonight, DCB basketball (men and women) on Friday and 19U again on Sunday.

I went a strong 3-0 in my fantasy football leagues, and am trailing by 13 in a two-week battle in the first round of the consolation playoffs in one league. In my main league, which I didn't make the playoffs, I won convincingly to advance in the consolation or "toilet bowl" playoffs. In my final two leagues I finished in second place heading into the playoffs next week. Wish me luck.

I got 10 right in NFL pick 'em, which wasn't too bad, but someone in my pool had all 16 games correct. So much for that.

I have nine pictures to share for this week and follow me on twitter @typhoonater467 to get more updates on Bottineau area sports.

Bottineau junior Christian St. Claire shows his release after firing a three last Monday against Rolla.

Bottineau-Rugby's Shawn Schaan dumps the puck into the Deloraine zone last Monday evening.

Senior Hunter Braaten follows through after a shot last Tuesday as the Sioux fell 70-60 to St. John in Westhope.

Dawson Dunham dishes to a teammate.

Senior Hawkin Smette goes up for two on a fast break.

Bottineau Stars senior Karlee McCloud delivers a shot at the Neepawa net in a 1-1 tie last Sunday.

McCloud prepares to take a shot.

Junior Erin Severson tracks down a puck on a rush up the ice.

Stars goaltender Jacie Ceglowski stops a shot in the third period.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tik Tik Boom

She's nearing 15 years in the music industry and still cranking out albums and hit singles. Yes. This week I chose Britney Spears' "Tik Tik Boom" from her newly released album "Britney Jean."

There is no real reason for this, other than the album came out today.

This past week I covered a pair of Dakota College at Bottineau basketball games before I went home for Thanksgiving, and then covered a Bottineau-Rugby hockey game the moment I got back.

This week I had a BHS basketball game and a Braves hockey game last night. I'm supposed to trek to Westhope tonight, but if the weather doesn't cooperate that may not happen. I also have a pair of DCB basketball games on Wednesday. I will also likely tune in to the webcast of the DCB football team as they play their first bowl game on Saturday in Hutchinson, Kan.

I went a dismal 1-3 in fantasy football this week. I'm currently beginning the "toilet bowl" playoffs in one league that I finished 4-9 in. In another, I also missed the playoffs finishing 6-7 and in sixth place. I'm officially in the playoffs at 8-5 in one league as I won my third straight week. Lastly, I'm 6-7 and still clinging to second place in my fourth final league. I can still make the playoffs in two ways: I win and I'm in, or if I lose and both of the two teams chasing me lose as well. Wish me luck.

As for NFL pick 'em I got 11 right this past week, which is a significant improvement.

I have quite a few pictures for this week. Enjoy and follow on twitter @typhoonater467 for more updates on Bottineau area sports.

Bottineau-Rugby sophomore Austyn Lorenz drives toward the net last Saturday in a 9-4 win over Dickinson.

Braves senior Harrison Aide tries to get around a Midget defender.

Junior Luke Amsbaugh tries to hammer a shot past the Dickinson net minder.

Amsbaugh fights for a loose puck in front of the net.

Senior Nick Schaan dumps the puck into the offensive zone.

Amsbaugh skates hard up ice.

Schaan corrals a puck inside the Dickinson zone.

Lorenz puts a puck near the net.

Lorenz hits a slapshot.

Dakota College at Bottineau guard Patrick Robinson delivers a pass last Tuesday against Turtle Mountain Community College.

Sophomore Julian Vasquez calls out the play last Tuesday in the win over the Mikinocks.

Wesley Harrison puts in the easy two.

Freshman Jalyn Turner lays one in for two on the fast break in the second half.

Mary Jones expresses some emotion after missing an open teammate inside.

Ladyjacks sophomore Leah Parizek passes last Tuesday in a 77-50 win over TMCC.

Freshman Whitney Brandvold scores two points.