Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Deadlines and Commitments

Again I'll be promoting a new album from one of my favorite bands. I chose the song "Deadlines and Commitments" from The Killers new album Battle Born. It's not as good as their prior works, but is still pretty decent. It sounds much akin the Brandon Flowers solo album, "Flamingo" that came out a couple years ago.

Anywho, Deadlines and Commitments also translated well to the week I'll be having upcoming, as well as last week. I had a busy weekend trying to keep up with college sports at Dakota College at Bottineau as well as a long trip to Langdon for the Westhope-Newburg-Glenburn semifinal victory.

Since the Sioux advanced past Langdon to make it to the Dakota Bowl in Grand Forks, I'll be there as well at 9 a.m. on Friday morning. Before that though, I'll be heading down to Minot tonight to cover the Stars as they face Kenmare in the Region 6 tournament for the third time in as many years. While the past two years have been in the finals, this year's match-up is in the semi's.

After the Dakota Bowl, when I depart from Grand Forks I'll be driving east instead of west back to Bottineau. That's because I'm going to go visit my old hunting buddies (AKA my dad, grandpa and uncles) up at the shack (hour and a half from GF). It should be a good time, but it will also leave me little time to get my work done for layout on Monday.

With being out the wilderness and with shotty reception and no internet it also means is that I'll be unable to check my fantasy lineups prior to Sunday's games. It also means is that I won't know what's going on in the games either. It's a crucial week for me in my Bottineau fantasy league, in fact every week will be coming up as I'm currently in seventh place at 5-4 and tied with four other teams (including three in my own division). The next four weeks will be brutal as all four teams I face have winning records, including my division's current leader. In other news i've officially thrown in the towel on my other league. I sit at 1-8 and had a tantrum and tried to trade away my whole team. It's really frustrating when a team that is 2-6 has their best week against you when you're 1-7. Not only was I kicked while I was down, it really feels like a groin shot. Pick 'em was better, but still not nearly good enough, as I went 10-4 this past week.

Well I've talked far too much for one blog post. Thanks again for reading. Here are the pictures that you've come to see:

Jacks freshman Billy Engel calls out the play last Saturday against Canadian Mennonite University during the Kevin Thom Classic.

Sophomore forward Jayden McMillin hits a fade away jumper Saturday against CMU.

Lumberjacks sophomore forward Cole Reisenauer focuses on the goal last Friday night against North Dakota State University.

Freshman Logan Millican tries to corral a puck against the boards last Friday in the Lumberdome.

Freshman Evan Alexius drives toward the net.

Reed Loucks staves off a defender in the offensive zone.

Sophomore Seth Serhienko is held by a Bison defender as he tries to navigate for the score.

Millican tries to stop and pass the puck.

Marquis Thomas looks to win the opening tip last Friday against the Winnipeg Jr. Wesman.

Thomas about to go up for a put back after getting an offensive rebound.

Freshman Kristoff Walker attempts a jumper last Friday against the Wesman.

McMillin drives ferociously to the hoop.

Walker attempts a fade away.

McMillin releases a jumper.

Sophomore Colby Boyes looks to pass.

Engel is fouled hard as he goes in for two.

Engel still tries to make the basket despite being torn down by the defender.

Walker puts up the second half jumper.

Ladyjacks sophomore Jordyn Sondrol attempts a three in the first half last Friday against Winnipeg.

Sophomore Megan Green saves a ball from going out of bounds.

Jackie Miller for two.

Westhope-Newburg-Glenburn junior quarterback Hunter Braaten escapes a couple of defenders and looks to gain yards.

Braaten about to deliver a pass down field last Saturday against Langdon-Munich in the semifinals of the Class A playoffs.

Senior Tyler Simpson gallops down field after a long catch.

Freshman Chase Conway avoids contact with a Cardinal receiver on an overthrown pass attempt.

Sioux senior Karlie Hancock fights for extra yardage in last Saturday's 32-12 win.

Sioux fans rush the field after WNG won their semifinal match in Langdon.

A dirty Braaten revels with fans after last Saturday's win.

Sioux head coach Tom Nesvold gives his post game speech to everyone (fans included).

Junior Hawkin Smette recovers a fumble in the first half.

Senior Devin Korynta stops the Cardinals tailback for a loss.

Conway upends the Cardinals quarterback in the first half last Saturday.

Braaten crosses the goal line with a defender hanging on him on a fumble recovery.

Braaten heaves a pass down field.

Conway fights for extra yards as a defender tries to drag him down after a reception.

Calder Solloway lunges for extra yardage as he's twisted down by a defender.

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