Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flashbulb Eyes

Since this blog is centered mostly around my pictures I thought it apt to name this week's blog post "Flashbulb Eyes," a song off the newest Arcade Fire album--Reflektor.

I took pictures from three events this past week: last Tuesday's Newburg-Westhope district win over Sawyer, Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB) volleyball's loss last Wednesday and a DCB hockey loss last Saturday night.

Fall sports are entering their waning hour, while winter sports are awakening from their slumber. It is a dreary time for some as winter is draws nigh, but for me it is an exciting time as I prepare for both the holidays and a lot of busy nights.

Last week I went 2-2 in my fantasy football leagues. I currently sit in fifth (4-4), eighth (3-5), fifth (4-4) and sixth (4-4) in all my leagues. It has been a bit of a slow year for me in fantasy, but I still am ensconced within the playoff race in each league, so you know, I can't really complain.

I correctly picked nine NFL games last week, which was near the bottom in my pick 'em league. I am a shade under an average of 10 with 79 correct for the season in eight weeks.

I would also like to give a S/O to all my readers for making my page views past the 30,000 plateau this week. I have quite a few pictures from this past week, and don't forget you can follow me on twitter @typhoonater467

Dakota College at Bottineau forward Alex Herman harasses a Winkler Royals player last Saturday in the season opener. 

Jacks sophomore Kyle Volk skates the puck into the offensive zone.

Cody Bronson tries to corral a puck in the corner last Saturday.

Volk dumps the puck into the corner.

James Kelly gets tripped up as he tries to make a break for the Royals' net.

Defenseman Ethan Hicks works the puck up the ice.

Cody Anderson fires a shot on net on a breakaway.

Anderson tries to put in a rebound on a bouncing puck in front of the net.

Casey Barile controls the puck on a power play during the second period.

Jacks sophomore Reed Loucks throws a pass in front of the net.

Bronson (No. 10) is congratulated by teammates Kyle Roberts (No. 94) and Tyler Elshaug (No. 8) after a goal last Saturday.

Leah "Dancing Queen" Parizek digs out a shot in last Wednesday's contest against North Dakota State College of Science.

Ashleigh Aufforth (left) and Tessa Walters try and block a Wildcats shot.

Both Parizek (left) and Savannah Bruce get a piece of a shot by NDSCS.

Krista Lesmann hammers a shot over the net last Wednesday.

Newburg-Westhope sophomore Hannah Tofteland passes the ball last Tuesday against Sawyer.

Eagles junior Molly Lodoen receives a serve.

Maddy Lodoen smashes a shot to the Sawyer side of the net.

Maddy Lodoen blocks a Flashes shot last Tuesday.

Lauren Mach watches as her tip goes over the hands of the defender.

Maddy Lodoen hits the ball over the net.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

No Scrubs

This week I chose the 1999 No. 1 hit from TLC called "No Scrubs," because to two teams that I witnessed blow outs they were definitely not scrubs.

I covered a 54-0 shellacking from Westhope-Newburg-Glenburn to Parshall as well as a 45-0 domination by Dakota College at Bottineau over Mayville State JV. And I have plenty of pretty good pictures to prove it, if I may say so.

Things took a turn to the positive in fantasy football this week as I won in three of four leagues. I now sit in seventh (3-4), sixth (3-4), eighth (3-4) and fourth (4-3). Things are starting to turn around, but I also got hit with the injury bug, so we'll see how it goes from here.

I got 10 right in NFL pick 'em this week, and I'm still averaging 10 right per week with 70 total right thus far.

Anyway, I have many pictures to share from football this past week:

Westhope-Newburg-Glenburn senior Hunter Ballantyne kicks off last Saturday in a win over Parshall on senior day.

Sophomore Chase Conway hangs on for dear life to the Braves ball carrier as Ballantyne stops his progress.

Sioux senior Ethan Miller chases down Parshall's Dean Foot last Saturday in Westhope.

Miller drags down Foot.

Senior Hunter Braaten carries the ball up the middle.

Braaten fights for extra yardage with two Braves draped on him.

Braaten delivers a strong pass to the outside.

Conway takes a carry around the outside.

Braaten barely gets off a pass as a big Braves defender bares down on him.

Conway goes in for the stiff arm on a run around the edge.

Braaten hangs on as Miller tries to help out to tackle Foot.

Both Braaten and Miller grab hold to try and take Foot down.

Reese Schell turns upfield after hauling in a pass.

Braaten fires.

Sioux senior Hawkin Smette fights his way for a score in the second quarter.

WNG's Dustin Weeks (top) and Michael Lemay combine to force a fumble.

Conway follows Smette on a run around midfield.

Freshman Dawson Dunham breaks toward the goal line.

Jacks sophomore Jonathan Parks takes an early punt back for a touchdown.

Caleb McClinton attempts an extra point held by Jeremy Hill.

Kaelin Mozee takes the ball up field after intercepting a pass against the Mayville State JV Comets last Friday evening.

DeAndre Norris wraps up Clint Mohl last Friday.

Carlton Rematt tries to take down the Comets' Homer Reed.

Desmond Goodlow-Griffin takes down Comets QB Robbie Strand for a sack as Jabrel Anderson also closes in.

Shazzon Mumphrey looks down field for a receiver.

Mumphrey unleashes a pass.

Kanavis Stewart advances on a pass play down the middle.

Chuck Brown looks to wrap up Strand.

Dontrael Brown (left) puts down a good block for Parks as he cruises down the field after the catch.

Devonte Ransom breaks tackles and is about to take a lick in the second half.

Sid Hunter unleashes a strong punt in the fourth quarter.

Ransom looks up field to try and spring a long run.