Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another Brick in the Wall

This week I chose Another Brick in the Wall as it was another normal summer week.

Last week I covered some legion baseball and a car show. This week I have some more legion baseball to cover as well as a few small news stories and a meeting at the lake.

I also started my research on fantasy football this past week, and I'm going to be ready to win my leagues.

Anyway, I have a few pictures from last week:

Lee Schneider tries to catch a foul ball last Saturday.

Garrett Lynnes stops as he gets to third base.

Christian McCloud dares the catcher to throw at him as he leads off third base.

Schneider slides safely into home plate.

Andrew Hill hook slides safely into home plate last Saturday night against Garrison-Max.

A lady checks out a 1930 car at the Westhope Car Show.

This guy checks out a classic truck.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Set It Off

With the Bottineau County Fair last weekend the Summer has really begun. That's why I chose the song "Set it Off" by Timomatic.

The past couple weeks I have enjoyed a couple of weeks of summer weather, including at the fair this past weekend, which went well. This upcoming week I have a baseball tournament and races to cover.

Anyway, I have a number of pictures from the fair and especially the demo derby from the past week. Enjoy.

John Azure gives a big hit in reverse to No. 11 Dyllan Ovitt at last Sunday's Bottineau County Fair demo derby.

Tyler Liebelt of Bottineau flings up some mud during the second heat last Sunday.

A large crowd was on hand for the derby that was run by the Bottineau Jaycees.

Taylor Lesmann is upended by Travis Wettlaufer in the herby derby.

Pedro's rear tire gets in the face of Matt Spang near the end of the herby derby.

Spang gets back at Pedro with a big hit that nearly topples car and rips off the back bumper.

Spang (left) and Pedro (right) square off at the end of the herby derby. Pedro got the win.

Austin Mastvelton (left) and Liebelt are the last two standing at the end of the feature race. Mastvelton won.

Boomtown plays on Friday night for the fair crowd.

Ridegoers were excited by the Kamikaze, one of the highest flying rides at the fair.

Jair Peltier does some explaining to Johnny Holm at the start of Saturday nights show.

Holm gets macho with the crowd.

Holm interacts with people in the grand stand. It was the fourth straight year that the band has played at the Bottineau County Fair.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Two Weeks

Having been so busy last week with state golf and then a trip home for a wedding, I had no time to put up a blog. Therefore this week will include the past two weeks' happenings, which is why I chose the song "Two Weeks" by Grizzly Bear.

In the past two weeks I covered both the region and state golf meets on the boys side and the state meet on the girls side. I also hit up the region baseball tournament. With spring sports now over, I'll have time to catch up and hopefully just relax a bit. I do have races this Sunday, but other than that I'll just be playing some stories by ear. Maybe I'll even grace the pages with a column.

I have several pictures to share from the past two weeks, but not too many.

Bottineau's Phil Neubauer finishes his swing at the region meet in Bottineau on May 21.

Braves third basemen Brody Moum makes a stop on a hard hit ground ball.

Bottineau junior Andrew Hill about to fire a pitch toward home at the region meet on May 23 in Cando.

Luke Amsbaugh gets a piece of a pitch against Cando at the region meet.

Bottineau senior Zack Monson strokes a putt on the first day of the state tournament at Prairie West in Mandan.

Monson hits a chip shot on day two of the state tournament.