Tuesday, October 28, 2014

BOB pt 4

The fourth part of my series of reflecting. These are from Jan.-Jun. of 2012.
10. Heidi Artz
9. Jordan Cooper and Kylie Conway
8. Natalie Bahr (and my first puck impact shot)
7. Shakira Walker
6. John Beyer (the ref)
5. Guy at threshing show (great framing by me).
4. Ging Martin
3. Dylan Stratton
2. Mark LaCroix
1. John Gruenberg (the Westhope Superintendent in face makeup and hair dye)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

BOB pt. 3

Round three of my "Best of Blog" series. These photos are from June-Dec. of 2011.

10. Cody Longie
9. Jeff Smith
8. Hunter Braaten
7. DCB/NDSCS football
6. Josh Farmer (right) and Justin McCloud
5. Whitney Page
4. Justin McCloud
 3. Kelsey Gullett

2. Mark LaCroix
1. Whitney Page
Thanks again for reading, and look for part four next week, Jan.-Jun. of 2012.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

BOB part 2

The second part of my "Best of Blog" series. Enjoy.

10. Tyler Fischer (R.I.P)

9. Flood series

8. Stephanie Brenden 

7. Jordan Kippen

6. Seth Serhienko

5. Jacks hockey fans

4. Rob Opdahl

3. Kid at Willow City parade

2. Sydnie Nelson

1. Cody Steinhaus and Ethan Kerslake

Thanks for reading/viewing as always, and look for next week as I do July-December of 2011.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


This week I decided to do something a little different. I'm going to post photos again (yay). However, they will likely be photos you've already seen, because I'm beginning a new segment I like to call "Best of Blog" or BOB.

In this series of posts I'm going to pick out my favorite photos from past posts, and repost them. This week I chose photos from 2010 or my first sports year in Bottineau.

10. Hunter Braaten
9. Bottineau Stars volleyball from left: Ashleigh Aufforth, Nora Uhrich. Whitney Page and Mikayla Olson.
8. Devon Grenier
7. DCB hockey players
6. Whitney Page celebrates
5. Karlie Hancock
4. Rodeo
3. Logan Millican
2. More DCB hockey players/fans
1. Kate Helgeson (what lucky framing):
Next week I'm going to share the first half of 2011 (Jan.-Jun.). Thanks as always.