Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why can’t we make more feel-good sports movies for kids?

What ever happened to all the feel-good sports movies for kids? 
I remember several hit sports movies geared toward the child and adult audiences alike when I was growing up. 
I mean “The Mighty Ducks” (and its sequels), “Cool Runnings,” “Angels in the Outfield,” “Space Jam,” “Little Big League,” “Little Giants” and even “Air Bud” were all feel-good sports movies. 
They couldn’t have possibly used up all the good ideas for movies like that. Did it become unsuccessful to make those types of movies? Unprofitable? 
I was watching “The Mighty Ducks” not too long ago, and I was eating up every cheesy line and remembering a day that was so full of innocence and potential. I want my godson to feel that same way when he grows up, but right now those kinds of movies just don’t exist anymore. 
Why are there no more “Rookie of the Year” movies? What about “The Sandlot”?
There is no way that they are fresh out of ideas for movies like this. I refuse to believe that there isn’t a market for this type of movie. I mean participation and interest of kids and sports can’t be that low that a great movie in the vein of the aforementioned ‘90s classics couldn’t draw a profitable audience. 
I mean, there hasn’t been a golf movie yet, right? Why not get, say, the kid from the Sprint framily commercials to play a young teenager who buys some magical set of golf clubs from a garage sale that used to belong to Bobby Jones or Jack Nicklaus or heck, even Tiger Woods? The clubs instantly make him a world-class golfer, and he gets on the pro tour. “Gordon,” the goth weirdo that nobody really knows why he is around, could caddy for the kid. This could totally work. 
With the piqued interest in soccer throughout the United States thanks to the U.S. doing well at the World Cup, don’t tell me that some sort of underdog story about a kid making his way onto some all-star soccer team wouldn’t be a great movie. 
I can’t understand why this genre of movie has fizzled. I mean, it’s also been more than 20 years since the Mighty Ducks came out in 1992; why not remake it? It has passed that point where that’s a possibility. There is no doubt a plethora of child actors in the stable at Disney Channel would be willing to learn how to skate and film in Minnesota during the winter. 
Why can’t we make this happen? 
I want my godson and possible future children to have that same experience of a magical sports story that I did when I grew up in the ‘90s. 
And I have to admit that I would like to have some more movies to enjoy myself – the cheesier the better.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

An update

I thought it was high time that I post an update on things in my life and with all that has gone on in the past few months for those who follow this blog.

If you haven't noticed, I haven't been making my weekly posts and that is because I have left Bottineau and moved back to the central Minnesota area. I originally had accepted a part-time sports writing job in New London, Minnesota at a small paper. However, after accepting that and working my remaining month in Bottineau I came upon another opportunity with the Mille Lacs County Times.

I came back to interview for the position, making a round trip of nearly 1,000 miles in less than 36 hours to meet with two Jeffs. After this I made the move back to Minnesota as planned, leaving myself a week to unpack and find out which city I'd be going to--New London or Princeton/Milaca. After a second interview a few days into my new residence in Minnesota I was offered the job at the Mille Lacs County Times as a full-time reporter doing mostly sports, but some school/news/outdoors as well.

I should mention that in the process of finishing my employment at the Bottineau Courant, I helped pick my replacement. Shortly before I left, Matthew Seimisch was picked to be that person. During my first few weeks back in Minnesota I did layouts and helped him learn that side of the job, since had little prior experience. Since, he has become nearly as proficient as I, and he appears to be doing a great job. I keep in touch with him via email fairly regularly, and have been keeping tabs on his work as well, and I'm pleased to say I think the Courant made the right choice. To follow his work check out the Borderlands Sport Report blog he started at Also he started a twitter feed for the Courant sports department, and you can follow that @CourantSports.

I have now had nearly three months on the job, and made it through all of the (shortened) spring sports season and some of the summer months too. I have been slowly learning and adapting to this new job, and while things are quite different here, I feel like I'm learning everyday.

I do miss the people, the job and the community of Bottineau everyday, and I'm sure I will for a long time. However, I also enjoy being close to family and living with my friends in our four bedroom house. I do have a 35 minute commute to work everyday, and have to do a lot of driving to cover my events on occasion, but at least I don't have anymore 360-mile round trips to Bismarck for a three-hour hockey game ;)

I have been doing some golfing, but not nearly as much as I like or as I did in Bottineau. Also, I've only played basketball once since the move. Wednesday and Sunday basketball nights are one of the things that I miss most.

I still plan to post on here on occasion, and I will leave all my prior posts with the photos I took during my time in Bottineau up.

I enjoyed my more than 3.5 years in Bottineau, and I hope that I can transfer the wisdom and knowledge I gained there to my new location.

Feel free to keep tabs on me @typhoonater467 on twitter. I also have a new blog set up for my new job, and you can check that out at

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Say Goodbye

This week I chose the song "Say Goodbye" by Beck. I chose it not only because the winter sports season is almost done, but also because this is likely my last blog post, or at least the last one from Bottineau.

If you haven't heard I am moving back near home in Minnesota in less than two weeks. I have taken a part-time sports gig there. I know I will surely miss it here in Bottineau, and I appreciate all of my readers. I may begin the blog again when I start back in Minnesota, but likely I will probably just use it to keep an update now and again.

I have a couple pictures from the fishing tournament hosted by the Jaycee's last weekend at Lake Metigoshe.

Kenny Knutson carries in a northern to be weighed last Saturday.

Marshall Grant hands over a northern to Knutson to be weighed.

Contestants listen to the rules before hitting the ice last Saturday at the Jaycee's fishing derby.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Brand New

The new Pharrell Williams album "G I R L" is very well done, and this week I chose the song "Brand New" that features Justin Timberlake. I picked it because the Dakota College at Bottineau women's basketball team is going to be experiencing something brand new real soon.

A win last Sunday earned the Ladyjacks a district title and their first ever berth in the national tournament, which begins on Monday, March 17. I was there for the game and snagged a few good pics. It was the only event that I have pictures from this week.

Enjoy the six pictures and follow me on twitter @typhoonater467.

Ladyjacks freshman Imani Scott goes up for two last Sunday against North Platte Community College.

Savannah Bruce gets past a Lady Knights defender on her way to two points.

Scott puts up a floater in the second half.

Bottineau's very own Whitney Brandvold battles for a rebound after a free throw attempt.

Sophomore Leah Parizek looks to pass.

Scott drives hard into the lane.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

War Ready

Sports is often likened to a militaristic battle. Words like trenches, battle, war and fight get thrown around in sports all the time. So, if that is the case, the three area teams that are still alive in the playoff hunt (both Dakota College at Bottineau basketball teams and the Bottineau girls basketball team) will have to be "War Ready" if they wish to do well in the upcoming playoffs. The song is off the latest Rick Ross album "Mastermind" that came out yesterday.

This past week I covered the DCB  men's run in the Region XIII playoffs, which they won. I also covered the District 11 girls basketball tournament, and the Stars moved on to the region tournament from there.

I have 27 photos to share this week, and please follow me on Twitter @typhoonater467.

Dakota College at Bottineau sophomore Julian Vasquez goes toward the hoop last Wednesday against United Tribes in the first round of the Region XIII playoffs.

Jake Arck hammers home a dunk on a fast break last Wednesday.

Xavier Cruz fights to the hoop for a pair.

Jalyn Turner about to dish to a teammate.

Vasquez drives to the hoop.

Sam Robinson delivers a pass.

Freshman Wes Harrison is fouled on his way up to the basket.

Westhope-Newburg junior Lauren Mach strides down the court last Saturday in the District 11 Tournament in Rugby.

Ashlyn Huber, a senior, takes the ball past the half court stripe last Saturday against Bottineau.

Maddy Lodoen puts up a three in the fourth quarter.

Mach looks to go to the hoop past Bottineau's Courtney Gallagher.

Is it Goro from Mortal Kombat? No. Just Gallagher and Molly Lodoen fighting for the opening tip of the game.

Bottineau's Rachael Fix fouls Paige Stratton, but more importantly check out coach Joe Bender. He's scared.

Gallagher draws a foul on her way to layup.

Ashleigh Aufforth nervously waits after a timeout with less than 10 seconds to go and the Jacks up three.

Jacks sophomore Billy Engel flies in for two last Sunday against Gogebic Community College.

Julian Vasquez's mother was by far the most enthusiastic fan in the stands last Sunday.

Vasquez puts up a last second shot as the clock expired in the first half.

Kolbi Selby delivers one of two first-half three pointers.

Jacks fans are fired up early on in the game.

Robinson fights hard in the lane against a Samson defender.

Turner fires a shot from beyond the arc.

Turner goes hard to the hoop.

Players mob coach Cory Fehringer (he's in their somewhere) after he is named region Coach of the Year.

The Jacks celebrate and Engel holds up fallen teammate Dashamone "Spuddy" McCarty's jersey.

Fans an the Jacks celebrate at center court after the victory last Sunday.

Vasquez barks out signals last Wednesday against United Tribes.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What They Want

This week is all about giving the people "What They Want." The song from Schoolboy Q's new album Oxymoron is one of the best tracks, and features the great 2 Chainz.

This past week I was doing what I wanted by covering several events. I went to Westhope-Newburg girls basketball, Bottineau girls basketball, 19U hockey, fishing and a Dakota College at Bottineau doubleheader.

This week I have DCB basketball playoffs, and girls basketball playoffs to cover, and a 19U state story.

I have several pictures from the past week to share. Enjoy, and follow me on twitter @typhoonater467.

Westhope-Newburg's Maddy Lodoen drives to the hoop last Thursday against Surrey.

Sioux junior Molly Lodoen delivers a pass around the perimeter.

Lauren Mach fights for the ball in a tangle with Mustang defenders.

Maddy Lodoen releases a long-range jumper.

Molly Lodoen fights with Skylar Bertsch for a rebound.

Bottineau's Maria Diepolder shoots over two Kenmare defenders.

Bottineau senior Rachael Fix tries to draw a charge against the Honnkers' Karis Murry.

Stars junior Stephanie Brenden guards Shantell Brekhus last Friday night in Bottineau.

Diepolder for two on the fast break.

Fix absorbs a foul and tries to score.

Senior Courtney Gallagher gets a shot up over Kenmare's Justice Brown.

Gallagher dishes a pass out.

Stars' senior Danielle McDonald last Friday.

McDonald got a premium seat to see the rest of the game after she injured her ankle in the second half.

Bottineau Stars forward Alexis Kihle pushes a shot toward the Hazen-Beulah net last Saturday.

Hunter Bennie follows through after she fired a shot.

Cheyenne Sturlaugson flies toward the net ahead of defenders.

Bennie watches as the puck gets past a defender.

Erin Severson gets control of the puck behind the Hazen-Beulah net.

Shelby Pedie tries to threat a puck between a defender to the net.

Senior Bailey Neubauer reaches back to get control of a puck in the offensive corner.

Paige Vad skates up the board with a rolling puck.

DCB sophomore Julian Vasquez delivers a pass behind the back of a defender last Sunday against Williston State.

The Jacks huddle for a timeout.

Freshman Xavier Cruz releases a deep three against the Tetons.

Justin Musgrave hangs in the air and goes around two defenders.

Jalyn Turner finishes near the rim.

Billy Engel tries to signal a teammate.

Ladyjacks sophomore Tiffany Bradford goes up for two last Sunday against Williston State.

Imani Scott delivers one of four consecutive three-pointers that she hit to give DCB a lead.

Jason Nieters and Brittany Laber brave the cold conditions to weigh in fish for the DCB Wildlife Club's fishing tournament.

It was fishing in the darkhouse for the Becoming and Outdoors-Woman crew last Saturday.