Tuesday, November 25, 2014

BOB pt. 7

It is time for the second to last Best of Blog series post, which will cover July to Dec. of 2013.
10. Shelby Grenier
9. Leah Parizek and Savannah Bruce
8. Ethan Miller
7. Several Sioux defenders
6. Ethan Miller
5. Julian Vasquez
4. Hawkin Smette and Tom Nesvold
3. Brody Moum
2. Julian Vasquez
1. Chase Conway
That's all for this week. Next week will be the eighth and final edition, which will include pictures from Jan. to Jun. of 2014, which will includes some MN pics from my new blog: thefullto.blogspot.com

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

BOB pt. 6

Sorry for the delay. Was off hunting deer in the Minnesota woods, snow and cold (though I didn't find any). Here is part six of my best of blog series, which covers Jan.-Jun. of 2013.

10. Pedro
9. From left: Qu'Shar Little, Roybell Baez, Billy Engel, Spuddy (R.I.P), Ben Veith and Levi Tomlinson
8. Parker Engelhard
7. Luke Amsbaugh, Harrison Aide
6. From left: Zach McDonald, Seth Serhienko and Matt Mehlhaff
5. Harrison Aide
4. From left: Bailey Neuabauer, Ashley Blue, Karlee McCloud
3. Ladyjacks fans
2. Andrew Hill
1. Dashamone "Spuddy" McCarty
Stay tuned next week (maybe) for Pt. 7, which will be July-Dec. of 2013.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

BOB pt. 5

The fifth part of my series on the best photos on my blog. These are from July-Dec. of 2012.
10. Tom Nesvold
9. Kodie Hancock
8. Logan Millican
7. Ashley Blue
6. Harrison Aide
5. Bob "The Builder"  (R.I.P)
4. Lauren Mach
3. Firefighter training
2. Karlie McCloud
1. Sioux mascot
Thanks as always and pay attention next Tuesday for Jan.-Jun. of 2013.