Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The End of 2010

Its the final week of the year 2010. It's been quite a thrill ride for me this year. Here are a few highlights from the past year in my life.

I was able to cover the NCAA hockey tournament last spring, which was a big honor. Later in the spring I took the GRE planning on finishing my undergrad and starting my graduate courses in the fall, I had even signed up for all of them but...

Then I got the job here in Bottineau and it has treated me well. I was able to cover my first race and also several super exciting sports matches since I started on Aug. 8.

Anywho, last week I covered Westhope-Newburg boy's basketball on Tuesday night. They beat Max 55-45.

I am right now 7-7 on my NFL picks with the Vikings game tonight withstanding (I picked the Vikes to win...yikes).

I had quite a number of good pics from that one game I attended. Here they are:
Sioux sophomore Kodie Hancock prepares for the opening tip last Tuesday in Newburg.

Sioux senior Brandon Brodehl drives to the hoop in the first half last Tuesday.

Sioux freshman Hunter Braaten makes a lay up after a turnover last Tuesday.

Sophomore Karlie Hancock attempts a put back in the first half.

Braaten shoots a three.

A Sioux cheerleader entertains the crowd with a few back handsprings.

Braaten is foulded as he tries to put in a lay up on a drive in Newburg.

Karlie Hancock shoots a mid-range jumper.

Sioux junior Chucky Kuhlmann crouches next to head coach Bob Beaudrie as he waits to check in.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas to all...

And to all a lot of snow. If you live in Bottineau. We got slammed last night with a blizzard, no travel advisories, the works. Estimations of 8-10 inches of snow, should put us up over 50 inches already this season, and its not even January yet!

This past week I covered a Westhope-Newburg double header last Tuesday and a Bottineau High hockey game on Friday night. I also was able to write a really touching story that has to do with 9/11, memorials, skiing and bucket lists.

I will be traveling home (weather permitting) Thursday and making home for the holidays. I will only be able to stay a few short days and work will again be beckoning.

I went 8-8 on my NFL picks this week, one of my worst weeks of the season. Hopefully all turns around next week. I am 125-95 on the year, so well above .500.

I had lots of good pictures this week, here are the ones I didn't put in print:
Sioux junior Wyatt Kitzman is fouled by MLS' Hunter Ackerson last Tuesday in Westhope.

Sioux freshman Hunter Braaten drives the basket last Tuesday.

Sioux sophomore Kodie Hancock attempts a shot from the corner in the first half last Tuesday.

Hancock attempts a shot from the baseline.

Braaten is swamped by Maverick defenders. Amazingly, no foul was called on this play.

Braaten attempts to fake out a defender in the first half.

Sioux senior Brandon Brodehl takes an inbounds pass on the run in the second half Tuesday.

Sioux junior Jake Tengesdal receives a pass on a breakaway near the end of the game Tuesday.

Sioux sophomore center Hadlee Schell attempts a shot last Tuesday in Westhope.

Sioux senior Alisha Braaten is accosted as she drives in the lane last Tuesday.

Braaten looks for an open teammate as she dribbles the ball up the court in the first half Tuesday.

Sioux and Maverick players wrestle for position, while waiting for the ball to come down after a miss.

Sioux senior Kendra Thom fights to keep a loose ball in the paint last Tuesday.

Braaten drives against Mavericks defender Jackie Miller.

Bottineau senior Leo Hoffart fights for the puck in the first period last Friday in Bottineau.

Braves junior and leading scorer Logan Millican scores a goal between three defenders in the second period last Friday.

Braves junior Kyle Volk clears the puck out of the zone during a North Stars power play in the second period.

Junior forward Andrew Lorenz skates away from a Hazen-Beulah defender Friday.

Millican takes a shot past a diving North Stars defender in the second period last Friday.

BHS junior Taylor Neubauer skates the puck up the ice while fending off a North Stars defender.

Braves senior Captain Seth Serhienko looks for an open teammate in the third period.

Braves freshman Harrison Aide skates towards the net.

Bottineau junior netminder Cody Brooks makes a save in the third period of a 10-6 BHS win over Hazen-Beulah last Friday.

Volk takes a breakaway toward the North Stars' net.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Less than two weeks

As Christmas draws nigh, the stress level runs high. I am no exception. It's been pretty stressful around the Courant lately. We have a Christmas insert that needed to be created, edited and sponsored. I personally have had several basketball and hockey games to attend.

Fortunately the DCB teams were all away this week and will now be on break for the next couple weeks. This week I went to Westhope-Newburg boys basketball on Tuesday. They lost in OT to St. John.
I also covered BHS boy's basketball on Friday and boys hockey on Saturday.

Took a couple pictures of the 19U team, they've been doing really well.

Speaking of doing really well I went 10-6 with my NFL picks this week. I am now 117-87 for the year.

Here are my pictures for this week:
Westhope-Newburg senior Brandon Brodehl attempts a floater in the lane last Tuesday in Westhope.

Sioux freshman Hunter Braaten tries to find a teammate last Tuesday against St. John.

Brodehl again puts up a one-handed jumper in the lane.

Sioux sophomore Kodie Hancock finishes a breakaway with a layup.

BHS Braves guard Justin McCloud fights for the opening tip last Thursday in Bottineau.

Braves senior Jake Folven hustles down the court after a steal.

Braves senior Taylor Milbrath attempts a shot in the first half last Thursday.

Brave junior Devon Grenier about to block a Lakers shot attempt in Bottineau.

Grenier again about to stuff a Lakers score attempt.

Braves freshman Andrew Hill checks a Morris opponent into BHS goalie Michael Kornkven last Saturday in Bottineau.

Kornkven makes a pad save last Saturday during the first period.

Braves senior Seth Serhienko fights with a Maverick for the puck in the second period last Saturday.

Braves junior Logan Millican advances the puck in the second period last Saturday.

Braves sophomore Cody Longie attempts a slap shot last Saturday in Bottineau.
Milbrath drives to the hoop after a steal last Thursday.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Everything was at home

Just about every Bottineau area winter sport played at home sometime this week, which made me a busy guy.

It started Thursday as I covered DCB women's basketball and BHS boys basketball.

I was able to take a break Friday, as I had enough going on Saturday and Sunday to easily have art for my section. Anyways, I used my time off to go and see "Due Date" at the Botno Theater with some friends. It was pretty good.

Saturday I began by covering BHS hockey in the afternoon. Right after that the Bottineau 19U girls hockey team played, so I stuck around and got some pics of them.

Lastly on Sunday I went and watched the DCB Lumberjack hockey team win their second straight game in overtime against St. John's University (nearby my hometown of Albany). Then I jaunted over to watch an exciting DCB men's basketball game.

I went 10-6 with my NFL picks this week, yet another solid week.

With all the stuff I attended you can imagine the amount of pics I have. Here you go:

Bottineau 19U's Karlee McCloud skates between two defenders to try and get the puck.

DCB center Cobretti Parisien drives to the basket Sunday against Miles CC.

Ladyjacks guard Shannon Smith attempts to fake out a Dawson defender on Thursday.

Braves junior Justin McCloud shoots a jumper in the first half last Thursday in Bottineau.

Braves sophomore Jeremiah Aberle stuffs MLS's Hunter Ackerson last Thursday.

Braves junior Mark LaCroix attempts a shot in the first half last Thursday.

Braves senior Jake Folven on a breakaway last Thursday in Bottineau.

LaCroix looks to pass while being triple-teamed by MLS.

McCloud drives to the basket in the second half.

McCloud attempting a layup in the fourth quarter.

McCloud draws a foul late in the game against MLS Thursday.

Smith passes the ball to a teammate Thursday against Dawson.

Smith drives to the hoop in the first half last Thursday.

Ladyjack's freshman Jordan Allard attempts a free throw last Thursday in Bottineau.

Ladyjack's sophomore Allison Scherr is fouled while fighting for a rebound Thursday.

Bottineau's Ashley Blue attempts to score in the first period last Saturday against Glasgow.

Bottineau Captain Heather Milbrath clears the puck out of the zone Saturday.

Bottineau goalie Taryn Thorsell makes a glove save in the first period Saturday.

Braves forward Logan Millican celebrates after BHS's first goal Saturday afternoon against Dickinson.

Braves defenseman Cody Longie takes a shot Saturday in Bottineau.

Kyle Volk takes a shot in the third period Saturday against Dickinson.

Harrison Aide scores a hat-trick with this back hand shot past the Dickinson net minder.

Lumberjacks captain Drew Haight wrestles the puck from an SJU player.

DCB's Kirby Braybrook fights for a face-off in the first period.

Jacks goalie Wylie Riendieu bats away a puck in the first period Sunday.

DCB's Dustin Braaten fights with an SJU player while trying to knock a loose puck past SJU goaltender Michael King.

Lumberjacks forward Jake Plutowski shoots while being accosted in the third period Sunday.

Plutowski shoots on Sunday against SJU.

DCB sophomore Tyson Harding playing defense against Miles CC last Sunday.

DCB sophomore Tyler Fischer drives to the hoop Sunday.

Josh Vedaa shoots Sunday. He was fouled on the play and made two-of-three free throws.

Vedaa drives to the hoop in the fourth quarter Sunday against Miles in Bottineau.