Thursday, August 7, 2014

2013 Fantasy Football Review: Running Backs

I'm going to take a look at how I faired in predicting running backs last season:

2013 prediction No. 1: Adrian Peterson. Actual finish for Peterson: Seventh.
It was pretty hard to not pick AD No. 1 after he almost set the rushing record, and it's not like he was bad. He just wasn't spectacular.
2013 prediction No. 2: Doug Martin. Actual finish for Martin: 56.
I could blame this on an injury, and that he played only six games, but I won't. He was not the same even when he was healthy. He got figured out by the league. He's a total bust.
2013 prediction No. 3: Jamaal Charles. Actual finish for Charles: First.
Solid pick here. I had him in two of my three leagues, and rode him to a title in one league. He's even better in PPR than in standard, but he also scored 19 total touchdowns so....yeah, he's good.
2013 prediction No. 4: C.J. Spiller. Actual finish for Spiller: 26.
Yet another bust, and this one hurts even more than Martin for me. I put a lot of stock in Spiller, and he really disappointed me, and a lot of other people too. I did somehow manage to trade him midseason for Antonio Brown (beyond me why that was allowed to happen). I do still hold out hope for him this year though.
2013 prediction No. 5: Arian Foster. Actual finish for Foster: 43.
Running backs are a fickle breed. Injuries and declines can be hard to predict, and that bit me again here. He was effective when healthy, but now has all those injury question marks.
2013 prediction No. 6: Maurice Jones-Drew. Actual finish for MJD: 20.
He's getting up there in age, and I should have figured he would decline in a poor situation in Jacksonville. Interesting to see if he can provide some middling value with the Raiders much like LT did with the Jets late in his career.
2013 prediction No. 7: Trent Richardson. Actual finish for Richardson: 35.
Another flop, and horrible pick by me, but to be fair it is probably tough to switch teams midseason. It certainly is not something that's expected, and is rare in the NFL.
2013 prediction No. 8: LeSean McCoy. Actual finish for McCoy: second.
Was not quite high enough on McCoy, as I said that I though MJD would rebound better. Fool. I did say he could "easily return to form" which he did. Yay me.
2013 prediction No. 9: Matt Forte. Actual finish for Forte: third.
Another undersell, but with the right idea. I had said that I was "high on Forte rebounding." So mark another one down for the gipper.
2013 prediction No. 10: Marshawn Lynch. Actual finish for Lynch: fourth.
Yet another undersell. Looks like I either swung and missed or did not have enough power to hit it over the fence. Running backs are the toughest to predict.

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