Thursday, July 31, 2014

2013 Fantasy Football Review: Quarterback Edition

It is finally time for some more fantasy football talk. I am going to share my predictions from last year, and how they actually stacked up to the finish. I started doing this last year, and I had a lot of fun. This week I'll focus on quarterbacks, and next week I'll reveal this year's rankings.

QB fantasy football:

2013 prediction No. 1: Drew Brees. Actual finish for Brees: second.
Pretty much knew he'd be up there. Good pick. Nobody really expected the next guy on the list to beat him by that much, at least I didn't.
2013 prediction No. 2: Peyton Manning. Actual finish for Manning: first.
I know for a fact that I had him higher than many people last year, and even caught some flack for it. However, I just knew that the addition of Welker would help Manning's production to swell. What I didn't know was that it would explode into what it was, and that Julius Thomas would have as much or more to do with the jump as Welker did.
2013 prediction No. 3: Cam Newton. Actual finish for Newton: third.
Two years in a row that I correctly predicted Newton's actual finish. Thus far, I've done a really good job of predictions.
2013 prediction No. 4: Aaron Rodgers. Actual finish for Rodgers: 24.
This looks really bad, but injuries derailed what would have likely been another spectacular season for A-Rod.
2013 prediction No. 5: Matt Ryan. Actual finish for Ryan: 12.
Not a great pick. Certainly did not expect the Falcons to fall off so quickly. Certainly didn't help to not have a healthy Roddy White all year, or Julius Jones for the whole season.
2013 prediction No. 6: Tony Romo. Actual finish for Romo: 11.
Was a lot higher on Romo then he turned out to finish. I even drafted him in my most important league, which sort of worked out OK. He was hurt for a game with the rib injury. Not that it should be an excuse.
2013 prediction No. 7: Matthew Stafford. Actual finish for Stafford: seven.
Boom. Right on the money with this one. I think Stafford is pretty much relegated to this or lower each year. Don't think he has the stuff to become elite.
2013 prediction No. 8: Tom Brady. Actual finish for Brady: 15.
Though I did predict a decline for Brady from year's past, I didn't predict the drop to be far enough.
2013 prediction No. 9: Robert Griffin III. Actual finish for RGIII: 19.
Should have known he would be injured and ineffective.
2013 prediction No. 10: Russell Wilson. Actual finish for Wilson: Eight.
Underrated the most consistent performer of the year, but not far off.

11. Andrew Luck (actual: five)
12. Josh Freeman (actual: LOL)
13. Ben Roethlisberger (actual: nine)
14. Andy Dalton (actual: four)
15. Joe Flacco (actual: 18)
16. Eli Manning (actual: 21)
17. Jay Cutler (actual: 22)
18. Alex Smith (actual: 14)
19. Matt Schaub (actual: 32)
20. Philip Rivers (actual: 6)

Overall, I feel like I did about as good a job as one can do to try and predict the unpredictable world of the NFL.

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