Friday, August 15, 2014

A look back at WR plus a link to take a look at RB this year.

Looking back at predictions of WR last season. Also check out my thoughts on running backs this season. 
2013 prediction No. 1: Calvin Johnson. Actual finish for Johnson: Three.
Solid pick. I couldn't go wrong picking him to be No. 1 every year, and that's almost always what I've done.
2013 prediction No. 2: Brandon Marshall. Actual finish for Marshall: Five.
Another strong prediction. Marshall didn't have quite the season I expected, but that was likely due to his soul mate Jay Cutler being injured for a stretch.
2013 prediction No. 3: Dez Bryant. Actual finish for Bryant: Seven.
An OK selection. Bryant didn't score as much as I anticipated last year, but he still did pretty well, and anyone who took him as the third wide receiver off the board is not complaining.
2013 prediction No. 4: A.J. Green. Actual finish for Green: Four.
And boom goes the dynamite.
2013 prediction No. 5: Julio Jones. Actual finish for Jones: 64.
Should have known he would get hurt, but his upside is so high it's hard not to rank him high.
2013 prediction No. 6: Randall Cobb. Actual finish for Cobb: 60.
Another injury, but this one was a lot harder to take and see coming.
2013 prediction No. 7: Roddy White. Actual finish for White: 55.
Wow. Three in a row that were hurt for a big part of the year. Roddy was a weird case.
2013 prediction No. 8: Vincent Jackson. Actual finish for Jackson: 14.
Not a terrible prediction as Jackson had a solid year. Just had him ranked a little too high.
2013 prediction No. 9: Victor  Cruz. Actual finish for Cruz: 29.
Did not see Eli's fall, which really hurt Cruz.
2013 prediction No. 10: Dwayne Bowe. Actual finish for Bowe: 44.
Dumb, dumb idea to think that he would be better. He's done.

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