Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Simple Livin'

July is probably my least busy month. With Legion baseball's regular season winding down and getting ready for playoffs and most recruit stories and new coaches stories taken care of, it is simply a pretty boring month. That's why I chose the Gym Class Heroes' song "Simple Livin'" because that's what I'm doing.

This past week was no different. I had one Legion game that I went to, had one recruit and a new coach to write about. I also took a picture of the winning team from the Logrollers tournament. It was the first time since I moved here that I didn't partcipate in the golf tournament.

The upcoming week will be even less exciting than last week. There is only one day of legion and it's in Surrey on Friday, so I have none of that to cover. I have races on Sunday assuming the weather is good, but that's all. Hopefully I find something to cover.

Anyone with a good story is welcome to email me at courant1@utma.com or tweet me @typhoonater467.

I only have a few pictures from legion to share:

Bottineau's Cody Brooks takes a big cut toward a pitch last Thursday against Velva.

Brooks pulls a pitch foul during a two-strike count.

Christian McCloud rips a shot last Thursday.

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