Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autumn's Not That Cold

This week I chose the Lorrie Morgan song Autumns Not That Cold, even though I've never heard the song, or know who Lorrie Morgan is. It does appear to be a song that could summarize my love for the autumn. Autumn is generally pretty tame, and it also is football season to go along with being not that cold.

This past week I covered the Bottineau/Newburg-Westhope volleyball match in Bottineau on Tuesday. With the rest of the sports on the road, and DCB football on bye, I decided to trek to Minot and cover the Braves vs. Bishop Ryan game. It was cold and windy, but I have several photos to share from both events.

This week my fantasy football team won by .86 points in one league (I'm now 2-1), and lost by .64 in another league to drop to 0-3. Safe to say I need to get it in gear. I also dropped in the standings for my NFL pick 'em by going 5-11 this week, the worst I may have ever done in a pick 'em, ever.

Here are the pictures from this week:

Bottineau players and coaches await the national anthem last Friday in Minot.

Head Coach Rob Bedlion and the Braves captains take to the center of the field for the coin toss.

Junior quarterback Harrison Aide breaks a tackle in the backfield last Friday against Bishop Ryan.

Senior Vince Bechtold celebrates after the Braves recover a fumble in the first half.

Aide scrambles.

Braves senior Ian Snodgrass tries to rip down Chase Fugere in the backfield while Bechtold (left) and Jesse Klebe (right) close in to help.

Lions defensive tackle Mason Kramer delivers a big hit to Aide.

Eagles senior Jade Teske puts a hit on a ball.

Senior Bailey Tofteland receivers a Stars serve last Tuesday in Bottineau.

Tofteland prepares to hammer a shot to the Stars side.

McDonald gets a kill last Tuesday.

Sophomore Stephanie Brenden puts a big swing on a ball.

Senior Katie Gottbreht about to serve last Tuesday.

Gottbreht unleases the serve.

Junior Courtney Gallagher digs out an Eagles shot.

Cody Bedlion tears down Fugere last Friday at Herb Parker Stadium.

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