Tuesday, September 11, 2012

God Bless America

First I would like to take the time to thank all the fire fighters, first responders, members of the military and veterans for all their wonderful service today on this 11th anniversary of the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks.

However, this past weekend was really about folks getting together and doing good for the sake of doing good, rising up from the ashes of tragedy and building something that will stand for years to come.

I am talking of the Annie's House project run by the New York Says Thank You Foundation. I had a wonderful time covering it this past weekend. I have a few pictures that I didn't use in the paper left over, and I'll share them on here.

I also have a few pictures from the homecoming football game and the DCB volleyball game last Wednesday.

Ian Snodgrass comes around the edge on the pass rush in last Friday's homecoming loss to Bismarck-St. Mary's.

Snodgrass puts a lick on saints quarterback Trent Bohan.

Braves junior Harrison Aide returns a punt last Friday.

Bottineau's Chief Sideline Attendant Tyler Rispa tries to pump up the crowd in the second half.

Ladyjacks sophomore Jordyn Sondrol smacks a kill last Wednesday in a win over LRSC.

Freshman Amber Gable passes the ball.

Bottineau native Ashleigh Aufforth celebrates after an ace serve.

Sondrol again goes for a big swing.

Aufforth (left) and Leah Parizek (right) try and block a Lady Royals shot.

Larry Koch, receives a tool belt at the Annie's House weekend festivities, and gets emotional. Koch skipped a chemotherapy treatment to attend the build at the Bottineau Winter Park.

The Guss family (from left: Jason, Conner, Lindsey and Dawson) paint 'Stars of Hope' last Saturday afternoon at the BWP.

Members of the Bottineau fire department and sheriff's department as well as other firefighters from across the nation pose behind the National 9/11 flag last Saturday in the Bottineau Armory.

Two volunteers pound in some nails last Friday at the Annie's House build.

Craig Carter of Staten Island, N.Y. secures a beam to a wall last Friday.

How many fire fighters does it take to sledgehammer a wall into place? Apparently eight.

Christian Jones (center) awaits a rafter on a lift last Friday morning. Later that day he officially became an Eagle Scout.

Workers make benches and other crafts last Friday morning down by the pond at the BWP.

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