Thursday, September 4, 2014

Annual NFL Picks

With the impending awesomeness that is the NFL season is finally upon us (Packers vs. Seahawks tonight), it is once again that time of the year for me to make a feeble attempt at predicting the NFL season.

After pouring through each match up and trying to do my best at predicting each game, then tweaking the records to make them fit for the visions of the future that exist in my monkey brain, I finally cranked out my playoffs and final records for the teams.

Some surprises: Both San Francisco and Seattle miss the playoffs with 9-7 records. After strong 2013 seasons, Kansas City and Carolina regress dramatically, finishing 6-10 and 4-12 respectively. Also the NY Giants finish 10-6, but miss the playoffs.

As far as what those playoffs look like, feast your eyes on this:

6) Chicago (10-6)
vs. 3) Philadelphia (11-5)

5)Tampa Bay (11-5)
vs. 4) Minnesota (10-6)

1) New Orleans (12-4) bye
2) Arizona (11-5) bye

Second round:
6) Chicago
vs. 1) New Orleans

4) Minnesota
vs. 2) Arizona

NFC Championship:
2) Arizona
vs. 1) New Orleans

6) Tennessee (10-6) 
vs. 3) New England (11-5) 

5) San Diego (11-5) 
vs. 4) Cincinnati (11-5)

1) Indianapolis (13-3) bye
2) Denver (12-4) bye 

Second round: 
5) San Diego 
vs. 1) Indy

3) New England 
vs. 2) Denver

AFC Championship: 
5) San Diego
vs. 2) Denver 

Super Bowl: Denver over New Orleans

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