Tuesday, September 30, 2014

An update

Since last Tuesday, I have now begun working for the Morrison County Record full-time. Not that I won't help out the Times if Milaca happens to play out here, but I won't be in the Princeton office or roaming  around at Milaca events anymore. Instead you'll see me places like where I was last Thursday, a Little Falls girls soccer game. Or like on Friday, when I was at the USA and Royalton battle of the undefeateds. I will be heading over to Swanville this afternoon for a match between the Bulldogs and the Royalton Royals. On Thursday I will head over to Swanville again to see the Upsala/Swanville rivalry match (both volleyball games). On Friday I'll head out to both the Little Falls and Pierz homecomings in some capacity, I haven't decided how best to do that as of yet, but I'll figure something out.

As for fantasy football, I earned two more victories this week. I'm really doing well, having gone 3-1 in my main league, and 4-0 in the league I won last season. Philip Rivers helped majorly in both leagues, and I had Matt Asiata in another, so skol Vikings.

It was a borderline miracle that I won in either league as in both I had Brandon Marshall, who did little, and in one I also had Megatron, who was used as a decoy. And in both I had Emmanuel Sanders (on bye) and in my main league I also had Michael Floyd, who was also on bye.
I'm just going on the assumption that I'm being repaid for the terrible luck that I received last year back in Bottineau. I'm sure I'd be running all over those fools this year too.

Also a big congratulations to Ethan Kerslake who had a MONSTER game last week with 282 yards and seven touchdowns. Crazy good. Yes, that means I do still follow some ND sports, but don't expect me to wax nostalgic about the UND Flickertails. Go Huskies.

Thanks, and if you want to check out my other blog follow links on twitter @typhoonater467, and if you want to see my work at my new paper visit the website at the bottom of the page :).

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