Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dancing Days

The Led Zepplin classic song from the album "House of the Holy" describes what North Dakotans (and most of the Midwest) have to do to stay warm these days--dance or move in some way anyhow.

In case you haven't heard it's been as cold as Cooperstown to the heroes of 1990s baseball. What's more, in that cold I had to cover a hockey game and a fishing tournament (lucky me).

Tonight I have a pair of Westhope-Newburg/Bottineau basketball games. This weekend I have a series of Dakota College at Bottineau hockey games.

As an update I correctly predicted three of the six NFC playoff teams at the beginning of the season and four AFC teams out of six. Currently both of my preseason Super Bowl teams and five of those correctly picked playoff teams are still alive and in the hunt. If I had to re-pick right now I think a Carolina-San Diego Super Bowl is where I would lie my bets.

Anyhow, I have several pictures from hockey and fishing this past week, and don't forget to follow me on twitter @typhoonater467 for more updates on Bottineau sports and this blog.

Roger Stearns (left) poses with Mr. Ice Fishing Dave Genz and Stearns' big fish of 1.05 pounds at Lake Metigoshe last Sunday.

Genz talks with Clint Parisien and Wesley Davis during the weigh-in of the North American Ice Fishing Circuit (NAIFC) Tournament.

Genz talks to the crowd.

All of the contestants that braved -50 and lower wind chills to fish.

A nearly one-pound bluegill that was caught by the team of Nick Monson and Wyatt Johnson.

Kids race worms last Saturday at the kids fishing seminar hosted by the NAIFC at Twin Oaks, Lake Metigoshe.

Kids try out their jigging techniques.

Nick Schertz (left) and Pete Venturi (right), who won the tournament, pose with NAIFC's Jack Baker.

Riley Monson (left) and his dad Scott talk with Genz while their fish are weighed in.

Bottineau 19U's Paige Vad tries to maneuver around a defender last Sunday against Wahpeton.

Stars' defender Sonya Gilje fires a shot from the point last Sunday.

Gilje handles the puck in front of a defender.

Stars' captain Karlee McCloud skates the puck toward the net in the third period of a 12-0 win.

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