Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dark Horse

This week I chose the song "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry and Juicy J. That's the way that teams are going to have to make themselves this year as underdog is a common theme for many teams in the area.

This past week I covered a Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB) basketball doubleheader, both a game for the Bottineau boys and girls, the Westhope-Newburg girls and the Bottineau 19U team.

Congratulation to the Seahawks as they advanced to Super Bowl LXVIII. I picked them preseason to win the title, so I will be cheering for them. If you don't believe me, check here http://g2knowbouttineau.blogspot.com/2013/09/step-by-step.html.

I have 21 photos from the past week, and follow me on twitter @typhoonater467.

Bottineau sophomore Parker Engelhard tosses a pass to a teammate last Saturday against Berthold.

Braves senior Jake Carroll fights with Adam Knudsvig for the opening tip.

Junior Christian St. Claire plays tough defense in the third quarter.

Bottineau 19U's Erin Severson tries to get between two Miles City defender last Saturday evening.

Senior captain Bailey Neubauer knocks the puck away from a Miles City player.

Alexis Kihle skates the puck past the blue line.

Snowfest queen and Stars captain Karlee McCloud backhands the puck to the net.

Paige Stratton saves the ball from going out of bounds last Saturday in a game between Westhope-Newburg and Berthold.

Morgan Kerslake tosses a pass inside for the Sioux.

Kersten drains a three.

Molly Lodoen fights to the hoop.

Amber Hall puts up a two-point shot.

Seniors Harrison Aide (left) and Tanner Bickford (right) broadcast the game last Thursday between TGU and Bottineau.

Stephanie Brenden attempts to block a McKenna Thompson shot.

Brenden puts up a jump shot.

Senior Danielle McDonald throws up a three pointer.

Jalyn Turner jacks up a three in the first half last Monday against United Tribes.

Sam Robinson attempts a dunk.

Gilberto Shojgreen puts up a jumper.

Ladyjacks freshman Imani Scott goes in for two last Monday against the Thunderbirds.

Dominique Staten puts in a layup.

Scott gets two again.

Freshman Savannah Bruce gets two late in the game.

Justin Musgrave passes to a teammate.

McKenna Thompson and Stephanie Brenden fight for a loose ball.

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