Tuesday, November 19, 2013

For Reasons Unknown

This week I chose the song "For Reasons Unknown" by the Killers. Originally on the album "Sam's Town," the song was recently re-released with a bunch of other Killers hits on an album called "Direct Hits."

Anyhow I had a pretty  busy week with a long last Monday (Nov. 11) including photographing a couple of Dakota College at Bottineau basketball games. I also covered a DCB hockey game on Saturday. However, the biggest thing I did was go to the Dakota Bowl. Specifically the nine-man title game that Westhope-Newburg-Glenburn was in.

I have another busy week ahead with Bottineau-Rugby hockey tonight and all three DCB sports this weekend.

I won in three out of my four fantasy football leagues, and things are looking up in all but one league. I'm currently in 10th (4-7), second (5-6), third (6-5) and fifth (6-5).

I had nine right in NFL pick 'em last week, and haven't had a good week in awhile. I have 103 right in 11 weeks this season.

Anyhow, I have a bunch of pictures from the past week:

Sioux senior quarterback Hunter Braaten is sacked and is about to take another hit last Friday in the Dakota Bowl.

Chas Tofteland tries to bring down Cavalier's Chase Walton at the Fargodome. Cavalier won 54-6.

Hawkin Smette, a Westhope-Newburg-Glenburn senior wraps up Tornado back Brock Robbins.

Smette runs past Robbins on a carry.

Braaten breaks an arm tackle.

Braaten runs away from junior Jeff Stith in the first half last Friday.

The two teams watch the coin toss including (from left): WNG's Braaten, Ethan Miller and Smette.

The Sioux await getting their runner-up trophy following the nine-man title game.

Eighth grader Trent Marquart can't corral a pass from Braaten in the second half.

Cavalier's Ryan Chrest picks off a Braaten pass intended for Miller.

Sophomore Dustin Weeks pancakes Cody Walton to free up Miller on a kick return.

Reese Schell punts the ball in the second half.

Braaten cuts outside.

Tofteland and Smette combine to bring down Chrest.

Jacks sophomore Julian Vasquez goes up for a jumper last Monday against Dawson Community College.

Vasquez waits as the clock ticks down before halftime.

DCB's Travis Frye tries to get a rebound as he's boxed out by two Buccaneers players.

Sophomore point guard Billy Engel fires a pass up court.

Frye drives hard to the hoop.

Ladyjacks freshman Imani Scott shoots for two last Monday against Dawson.

DCB freshman Brett Hebel puts a hit on a Finlandia JV player last Saturday at the Lumberdome.

Mark Williams looks to pass in the second period.

Hebel fires a puck into the zone.

Casey Barile skates the puck into the offensive zone last Saturday against the Lions.

Tyler Elshaug looks to shoot last Saturday.

Ethan Hicks fires a shot toward the net in the second period.

James Kelly wrangles in a puck as he makes a move toward the Lions goal.

Matt Mehlhaff puts a big hit on a Lions player.

Mehlhaff skates into the corner.

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  1. A college recruiter requested to remove the full name of "Cody Walton" (may replace to Walton) on this photo.


    As it appears to interfere with google images and photos that will used for this athlete. Thank you!