Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Fox

This week I chose the song "The Fox" by Ylvis, because I'd also like to know, what the heck does the fox say?

Random side thought that I had the other day also was, why isn't there a pro sports team that are the Foxes. That would be a great name, and a great logo. Plus, now they'd have their own built-in anthem. This prompted a google search, which pointed me toward two main teams that have the fox moniker: the Springfield Foxes as semi-pro football team, and the Marist CollegeMarist College Red Foxes.

Still wouldn't it be a great name for a pro team? Maybe it will be the first North Dakota pro sports franchise--the Fargo Foxes. I'm all in.

Things went well in two fantasy leagues this week, and not so great in two others. I'm currently sitting in fifth, seventh, eighth and eighth place in my four leagues. It has been a shaky start to say the least, but I truly believe that I can right the ship in all four leagues and sneak into the playoffs.

I went 10-5 in NFL picks this week and have 60 correct through six weeks this season.

I have 21 pictures to share from prep volleyball and Bottineau Braves football, and don't forget to follow me on twitter @typhoonater467.

Newburg-Westhope's Lodoen sisters Molly (left) and Maddy (right) go up for a block last Thursday against Velva in Newburg.

Eagles junior Lauren Mach goes up for a big hit.

Hannah Tofteland pops the ball over the net.

Maddy Lodoen returns a serve.

Mach passes to the setter.

Senior Ashlyn Huber digs out an Aggies shot.

The Eagles celebrate after a thrilling five-set victory.

Braden Pewe (right) lead blocks for tailback Ethan Kerslake (left) in last Friday's 32-0 shut out of Williams County.

Kerslake fights for extra yardage, while securing the football.

Kerslake crosses the goal line for a touchdown in the first half.

The duo of Joel Bickford (left) and Nate Simpson (right) call the game for the school.

Jayhawk Shriver tries to drag down a Firestorm ball carrier in the sloppy game last Friday.

Senior Andrew Hill breaks into the end zone for a tough five-yard touchdown run.

Hill (right) celebrates with Kerslake (left) after a score.

Bottineau senior Courtney Gallagher slams the ball over the net last Tuesday against Sawyer.

Gallagher takes another big swing at the ball.

Stars junior Stephanie Brenden watches after hammering a kill to the Flashes side.

Senior Karlee McCloud (left) and Brenden (right) try to block a shot.

Danielle McDonald prepares to hammer a shot over the net.

McCloud tips a wayward set over the net.

Bailey Neubauer (left) and Brenden (right) go up for a block.

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