Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flashbulb Eyes

Since this blog is centered mostly around my pictures I thought it apt to name this week's blog post "Flashbulb Eyes," a song off the newest Arcade Fire album--Reflektor.

I took pictures from three events this past week: last Tuesday's Newburg-Westhope district win over Sawyer, Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB) volleyball's loss last Wednesday and a DCB hockey loss last Saturday night.

Fall sports are entering their waning hour, while winter sports are awakening from their slumber. It is a dreary time for some as winter is draws nigh, but for me it is an exciting time as I prepare for both the holidays and a lot of busy nights.

Last week I went 2-2 in my fantasy football leagues. I currently sit in fifth (4-4), eighth (3-5), fifth (4-4) and sixth (4-4) in all my leagues. It has been a bit of a slow year for me in fantasy, but I still am ensconced within the playoff race in each league, so you know, I can't really complain.

I correctly picked nine NFL games last week, which was near the bottom in my pick 'em league. I am a shade under an average of 10 with 79 correct for the season in eight weeks.

I would also like to give a S/O to all my readers for making my page views past the 30,000 plateau this week. I have quite a few pictures from this past week, and don't forget you can follow me on twitter @typhoonater467

Dakota College at Bottineau forward Alex Herman harasses a Winkler Royals player last Saturday in the season opener. 

Jacks sophomore Kyle Volk skates the puck into the offensive zone.

Cody Bronson tries to corral a puck in the corner last Saturday.

Volk dumps the puck into the corner.

James Kelly gets tripped up as he tries to make a break for the Royals' net.

Defenseman Ethan Hicks works the puck up the ice.

Cody Anderson fires a shot on net on a breakaway.

Anderson tries to put in a rebound on a bouncing puck in front of the net.

Casey Barile controls the puck on a power play during the second period.

Jacks sophomore Reed Loucks throws a pass in front of the net.

Bronson (No. 10) is congratulated by teammates Kyle Roberts (No. 94) and Tyler Elshaug (No. 8) after a goal last Saturday.

Leah "Dancing Queen" Parizek digs out a shot in last Wednesday's contest against North Dakota State College of Science.

Ashleigh Aufforth (left) and Tessa Walters try and block a Wildcats shot.

Both Parizek (left) and Savannah Bruce get a piece of a shot by NDSCS.

Krista Lesmann hammers a shot over the net last Wednesday.

Newburg-Westhope sophomore Hannah Tofteland passes the ball last Tuesday against Sawyer.

Eagles junior Molly Lodoen receives a serve.

Maddy Lodoen smashes a shot to the Sawyer side of the net.

Maddy Lodoen blocks a Flashes shot last Tuesday.

Lauren Mach watches as her tip goes over the hands of the defender.

Maddy Lodoen hits the ball over the net.

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