Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's Time

As Imagine Dragons puts it, "It's Time." It is time, time for T.O's Fantasy Minute. Starting this week I began my second year of ranking players for fantasy football.

If you want to read about that, you'll either have to wait a week and go to www.ndna.com/bottineaucourant, or buy a paper, because I won't be posting them on here this year.

What I will do is amuse you readers by showing what I predicted last year compared to how they actually finished. We'll start this week with quarterbacks:

2012 prediction No. 1: Aaron Rodgers. Actual finish for Rodgers: Second. 
Not bad. I was only one off. Maybe this won't be so embarrassing after all. 

2012 prediction No. 2: Drew Brees. Actual finish for Brees: First. 
Another solid pick, but the first few weren't too tough.

2012 prediction No. 3: Tom Brady. Actual finish for Brady: Third. 
Right on. I'm a lot better than I thought.

2012 prediction No. 4: Cam Newton. Actual finish for Newton: Fourth. 
Yes. I should do this for a living.

2012 prediction No. 5: Eli Manning. Actual finish for Eli: 14. 
On second thought....

2012 prediction No. 6: Philip Rivers. Actual finish for Rivers: 21. 
Wow. This is going downhill fast.

2012 prediction No. 7: Matthew Stafford. Actual finish for Stafford: 10.  
Meh. Getting warmer.

2012 prediction No. 8: Matt Schaub Actual finish for Schaub: 18.  
I think I took some unnecessary risky picks here. What was I thinking? 

2012 prediction No. 9: Peyton Manning. Actual finish for Peyton: Six.
To be fair this isn't all that far off, and who thought Peyton would be that good?

2012 prediction No. 10: Tony Romo. Actual finish for Romo: Eight.
Not terrible, but still not making up for the atrocity of those fifth, sixth and eighth picks.

 Anyhow I also have a few pictures from the races last Sunday and the car show last Saturday to share:
Jamie Smith (No. 29) slides through the first turn last Sunday at Thunder Mountain Speedway.

Brian Bellew (right) gets into the bumper of Chris Romfo (left).

Racers enter turn three during the feature race last Sunday.

A group of folks check out a late Model T at the Crazy Days Car Show.

A man inspects this hot rod.

More than 100 cars entered the car show and hundreds came to check them out.

Highway 43 plays on Saturday afternoon.

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