Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One of These Nights

One of these nights I'm going to be busy.
It's almost fall and sports and school are about to begin, so the Eagles' "One of These Nights" is a great precursor to those nights that I'll be working for the next nine months.

Like last week I started to look back at last year's fantasy football predictions and see how I did. It wasn't too pretty last week. This past week I wrote my column for running backs. How did I do last year? Lets look:

2012 prediction No. 1: Arian Foster. Actual finish for Foster: Third. 
Not bad at all. Foster was a strong pick for anyone who took him as the top back off the board.

2012 prediction No. 2: Ray Rice. Actual finish for Rice: Six.
It wasn't the greatest prediction that Rice would finish this high, but nobody could have predicted Joe Flacco's rise to significance, which I believe led to diminished numbers for Rice.

2012 prediction No. 3: LeSean McCoy. Actual finish for McCoy: 21. 
He got injured. It happens. He did average more than 12 points per game when he was healthy, which would move him up the rankings.

2012 prediction No. 4: Maurice Jones-Drew. Actual finish for Jones-Drew: 51. 
This also looks real bad for me, but another injury to a player who wasn't really all that injury prone, so I'd chalk it up to bad luck.

2012 prediction No. 5: Matt Forte. Actual finish for Forte: 12. 
Expectations were a little too high by me on him returning from an injury.

2012 prediction No. 6: DeMarco Murray. Actual finish for Murray: 27. 
Ok. I'll admit, this was a bit of a reach. He did get hurt his rookie season too, so I should have seen this coming.

2012 prediction No. 7: Marshawn Lynch. Actual finish for Lynch: Four. 
I didn't give Lynch and the Seahawks enough credit.

2012 prediction No. 8: Jamaal Charles. Actual finish for Charles: Eight. 

2012 prediction No. 9: Michael Turner. Actual finish for Turner: 17. 
I thought Turner had one more top-10 year in him. I was wrong.

2012 prediction No. 10: Frank Gore. Actual finish for Gore: 10. 
That said. At least I predicted Gore's finish right on.

Hey, running back is probably the toughest position from year-to-year to predict due to the physical nature of the position and oft-injuries. I feel like I did pretty well. I got two guys right and three other within five spots of their finish.

I do have a few pictures from the races this past Wednesday:

The IMCA and Midwest Modified cars head around the final turn before the finish of the second heat last Wednesday.

The third heat race began with the cars stacked pretty tight at Thunder Mountain Speedway.

Kyle Romans waves to the crowd that he is all right after tipping his car over last Wednesday.

Cars lineup to try and restart as fire fighters clean up the last pieces of Romans' car during the feature race.

Kevin Smith's tire goes flying along with a bunch of mud after a spin out during the feature race for the sport stocks.

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