Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Panic Station

Often times the world of sports includes panic and chaos, and as the playoffs are soon going to be here, it was that way for many of the Bottineau area teams this week. This is why I chose the song Panic Station off of Muse's new album The 2nd Law to try and describe that.

(Small tangent about The 2nd Law) Muse recently released their newest attempt to push the limits of music and experiment with some previously undealt with things by Muse (80s-ish style, EDM). I felt like the first half of the album was outstanding. After that though, they got a little sappy, a little too experimental and I wasn't nearly as floored.

Anyway, back to sports, I covered many events the past week including both Sioux and Jacks football and Ladyjacks and Stars volleyball.

Upcoming tonight is my final week of Braves football and the last home game of Stars volleyball before the District 11 tournament.

I had the worst week of my entire NFL pick 'em life this past week. I went only 4-10, which dropped me down to seventh place.

I won in both of my fantasy football leagues, and things seem to be turning around (knock on wood).

Many pictures to share this week:

Jacks sophomore Mathis Thomas breaks a tackle early in the game last Saturday.

Jacks quarterback Malcolm Hilliard tries to break a tackle last Saturday.

Malcolm Thompson tries to lead the way for Hilliard after Hilliard scrambled for the first down.

Evans Norris (left) celebrates with Lance Jackson (right) after a second half touchdown catch by Jackson.

Thompson extends to catch a bomb in the first half.

You can't do that.

Thomas gets past several Lions defenders.

Thomas grasps on to the ball as he is dragged down.

Jacks quarterback Jonathan Parks flips a pass to Jackson.

Kanavis Stewart (right) holds off the pass rush as Hilliard delivers a strike.

Hilliard scrambles for a big gain.

Ashleigh Aufforth sets up Jordyn Sondrol last Wednesday against North Dakota State College of Science.

Sophomore Jackie Miller delivers a big hit during the homecoming match last Wednesday.

Leah Parizek winds up for a big strike.

Sondrol wallops the ball down for a kill.

Parizek fights with a Wildcat for a tip.

Sioux fullback Karlie Hancock fights for extra yards in last Friday's 26-22 win over Park River.

The Sioux lineup for a two-point conversion attempt. From left: Kodie Hancock, Karlie Hancock, Hunter Braaten and Logan Hermes.

Kodie Hancock tries to pull down Aggies quarterback Abraham Hankey.

Braaten delivers a pass in the first half last Friday in Westhope.

Kodie Hancock leaps and tries to deflect a Hankey pass.

Stars junior Courtney Gallagher blocks a Velva shot last Thursday.

Bailey Neubauer (left) and Katryna Hahn (right) go up for a block.

Danielle McDonald digs out an Aggies attempt at a kill.

Hahn gets up to try for the block.

Hahn for the kill.

Stephanie Brenden hammers a shot over.

Dashamoe McCarty tries to recover a fumble in the first half last Saturday in the homecoming loss to Trinity Bible.

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