Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Left Behind

I chose "Left Behind" by Slipknot this week to not only show some diversity in the music that I listen to, but also because some sports are being left behind and some are moving on.

Last week I continued the speeding train that is winter sports playoff time by rounding out the regular season's of both Westhope-Newburg and Bottineau High School girl's basketball. I also took in one of the final double headers for college basketball on Thursday. Finally, I took a day trip to Bismarck to watch the Bottineau-Rugby Braves advance to the Class A Hockey State Tournament by beating Jamestown 6-2.

Upcoming for me this week will be a jumbled mess of trips to see basketball in Minot and Towner as well as the state tournament for hockey in Grand Forks. It will be a lot of traveling and the way it looks in the forecast through a lot of potentially messy and nasty roads.

I have a massive amount of pictures this week (I'm pretty sure it's a record amount):

Bottineau 19U's Erin Severson skates down the ice last Sunday against Langdon.

Bottineau senior Tiffany Schuster has the puck poked away in front of Langdon's net.

Natalie Bahr puts up a shot in the first period.

Captain Morgan Klebe swings at the puck after getting tripped.

Ashley Blue fires a shot toward the net.

Severson shoots with a defender closing in.

Blue stares at the goal before shooting in the second period.

Blue fires in her second goal of the game.

Severson scores.

Bahr skates toward the net.

Jacks sophomore James Odneal controls the opening tip against United Tribes.

Roybell Baez calls a timeout after a steal late in the game last Thursday.

Jayden McMillin puts up a jumper early in the first half. He scored 12 of his 24 points in the first five minutes.

Sophomore Jeremy Chambers floats a pass inside.

McMillin goes hard to the hoop.

Sophomore Cameron Malzer floats an alley oop toward Odneal at the basket.

Colt Mavity puts up a jumper in the second half.

McMillin jumps toward the hoop.

Chambers avoids a blocker while going up for a lay up.

Tyler Storseth attempts a three pointer.

Fans get excited as the Jacks jump out to a lead after strong play from Australia native Jayden McMillin.

Fans begin a defense chant.

Jackie Miller intensely eyes the hoop before a shot.

Shakira Walker dishes on a drive to the hoop last Thursday against United Tribes.

Miller tries to split two T-bird defenders.

Walker goes up through two defenders for two.

Walker with the lay in.

Braves sophomore Harrison Aide tries to decide what to do with the puck during the Braves game against Jamestown last Saturday in Bismarck. The Braves won 6-2 to advance to the state tournament.

Aide makes a move with the puck in front of the net.

Aide watches as his shot goes just wide of the net.

Senior Zach Kihle fires a shot from near the blue line.

Andrew Hill passes the puck.

Kihle winds up for a shot attempt in the first period.

Aide about to pass last Saturday.

Senior net minder Cody Brooks watches as a shot whizzes wide of the net.

Logan Millican fights with a Jay defender in the third period.

Aide about to shoot.

Fans watch as Millican gets tangled with Jamestown's Spencer Meyer as they fight for a loose puck.

Senior Kylee Conway watches after her shot misses.

Sioux junior Hadlee Schell fires a jumper last Tuesday against Rolette.

Taylor Neubauer pushes the puck toward a teammate last Saturday.

Freshman Molly Lodoen drives down the court.

Schell is blocked after getting an offensive rebound.

Sioux coach Jordan Cooper explains the plan to Conway during a free throw attempt.

Junior Bailey Tofteland drives to the hoop for two.

Stars sophomore Danielle McDonald looks for a teammate last Friday against Kenmare.

McKenzie Jensen slings a pass last Friday.

Freshman Stephanie Brenden drives toward the hoop.

Sophomore Rachel Fix goes for a block after a Kenmare fast break.

Bottineau sophomore Courtney Gallagher catches a pass last Friday.

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