Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa Claus is coming to town

This week I chose the Christmas favorite about the jolly 'ole St. Nick. I did so because Christmas came early for BHS sports as the Hockey team and basketball teams won this past week.

I will be taking a bit of a break for the holiday this year. It will be the first time I will get more than two straight days off since I've been here in Bottineau. I won't be posting next Tuesday. It will be up on Thursday instead.

As for my Week 15 picks were concerned I went a dismal 9-7 to make my overall record 149-84 or 64.5 percent. I did however pick the upset of San Diego over Baltimore as well as the Panthers over the Texans.

My week 16 picks are as such:

Texans over Colts
Broncos over Bills
Patriots over Dolphins
Ravens over Browns
Chiefs over Raiders
Vikings over Redskins
Bengals over Cardinals
Steelers over Rams
Panthers over Buccaneers
Jets over Giants
Jaguars overTitans
Chargers over Lions
Eagles over Cowboys
Seahawks over 49ers
Packers over Bears
Saints over Falcons

As for pictures from this past week:

Sioux junior Karlie Hancock goes up for two last Tuesday against the Mavericks.

Sophomore Hunter Braaten looks to pass in Mohall last Tuesday.

Jon Sivertson drives past a Maverick defender to try a bucket.

Sioux guard Molly Lodoen fights for a loose ball with Alexis Bahl of MLS.

Sioux senior Kylee Conway hustles down court in last Tuesday's contest with MLS.

Bottineau-Rugby senior Logan Millican tries to wrangle a loose puck in front of the net last Friday in Rugby.

Junior Bailey Tofteland goes in for a layup on the fast break.

Senior Nick Monson about to face off against Hazen-Beulah last Friday.

Ging Martin changes direction.

Zack Kihle avoids a checking North Star who consequently crashes into the boards.

I see London. I see France...

Martin dishes a pass at the point.

Millican reaches for a puck after he stumbles.

Millican watches as his shot squirts past the North Star goaltender.

Braves freshman Luke Amsbaugh prepares for a hard shot.

Amsbaugh follows through after a shot while a Hazen-Beulah defender comes up empty on the block attempt.

Sophomore Andrew Hill skates past the net as he views his shot being deflected.

Senior Kyle Volk slaps the puck out during a face off.

The Braves celebrate after a 4-0 win on Friday.

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