Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Funny Face

This week I chose the Gershwin classic "Funny Face" because I captured quite a few funny faces out on both the volleyball court and the grid iron.

This past week I covered the 44-14 spanking the Bottineau Braves gave the Dickinson Trinity Titans last Friday.

I also hit the hardwood in the wood shed to watch a triangular hosted by the Dakota College at Bottineau.

Tonight I will travel over to Belcourt to cover the final regular season game  for the Bottineau Braves football team.

I went a slightly better 8-5 on my NFL picks this week thanks to wins by both the Bears and Jets. That puts me at 65-35 on the season thus far. Following week 9 I will re-pick my playoff predictions based on the first half finishes (not that it will make them any better).

Without further ado, week 7 NFL picks:

Jets over Chargers
Seattle over Cleveland
Falcons over Lions
Buccaneers over Bears
Broncos over Dolphins
Panthers over Redskins
Houston over Tennessee
Steelers over Cardinals
Oakland over Kansas City
Packers over Vikings
Dallas over St. Louis
Saints over Colts
Baltimore over Jacksonville

Here are my pictures this week:

DCB's Jillian Hole (left) and Jordyn Sondrol (right) attempt to block a Jamestown shot last Wednesday in Bottineau.

Freshman Jackie Miller hits a back row shot last Wednesday against Dawson.

Sophomore Jess Mehling looks on as Hole sets up a shot.

(Funny face 1) Kelsey Gullett shows the intensity when going up for a block against Dawson.

Miller gets airborne for a kill shot.

Sondrol reaches up and throws down a block.

Sondrol awaits the serve from Dawson.

Miller goes up for the block.

Miller serves to the Jimmie's side in DCB's second game of the triangular.

(Funny face 2) Freshman Josie Degagne goes down to her knees to dig out a Jamestown shot last Wednesday.

Trinity back up quarter back Knight calls timeout in the fourth quarter.

(Funny face 3) Several funny faces surface during the tackle on this kick return by Trinity.

Braves rusher Trevor Wettlaufer breaks a tackle on a 42-yard touchdown run in the first quarter.

Braves senior quarterback Justin McCloud runs toward the sideline last Friday in Bottineau.

Braves corner Brock Hiltner (I think) accosts the Dickson quarterback in the first half.

Bottineau's Dalton Sivertson looks to hit the Trinity quarterback in the first half.

Stupid ref.

Mark LaCroix gives ball carrier Matt Bowers a little extra push past the goal line for a touchdown in the second half.

Bowers leaps in an attempt to bat down a Titans pass.

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