Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wipe Out

The main thing I covered this past week was the Club de Skinautique water ski show. Therefore, I chose the Surfari's hit "Wipe Out" as my song for this week.

I have a handful of good pics from the skinautique show:

Three of Club de Skinautique's younger members perform tricks on knee boards in last Friday's season opening show.

Club de Skinautique vice president Connor McCullogh dismounts off the double disc last Friday.

The girls ballet line shows off their graceful moves.

The bar balancing act takes off from near the dock on Lake Metigoshe last Friday.

One half of the bar made it back near "ski hill" without falling. (L-R) Club president Marshall Selfors, Lauren Hendrickson and Braden Pewe.

The slalom weave performed by (L-R) McCullogh, Alex Bahl and Grayson Bahl.

Three members go off the jump during practice Friday morning. From left: McCullogh, Jamie Teetaert and Daniel Deslauriers.

Grayson Bahl holds the American flag during hte playing of the National Anthem.

Deslauriers skis backwards on shoe skis during last Friday's performance.

Four of the six knee board pyramid participants make it back to dismount. From left: Jamie Teetaert, Madison Fossum, Shane McCullogh and Pewe.

Connor McCullogh and Teetaert get big air during practice Friday morning.

Hendrickson comes in after practicing her junior ski routine last Friday morning.

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