Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wild, Wild West

This week I chose the song "Wild, Wild West" by Escape Club. The late '80s hit probably doesn't really have anything to do with the old west, but that is what Willow City celebrated this past weekend.
I covered Willow City's "Western Weekend" and have a few pictures to share.

I also did a feature on a local baseball player, as well as a few other stories.

However, all my pics are from Willow City.

Three cars converge during the demo derby late Saturday afternoon as part of Willow City's Western Weekend.

This little cowboy waits on his tiptoes for the parade to begin last Saturday.

Bottineau County Sheriff Steve Watson tosses candy during the parade.

Several kids await goodies being tossed by parade entries.

This kid is an excellent multi-tasker; throw a giant handful of candy, eat a freezie at the same time--check.

These kids get a little competitive when it comes to tootsie rolls.

Horse enthusiast Dave Geiszler smiles as he rides his horse in the parade.

These kids scramble for more candy Saturday afternoon.

This little girl ran out of candy to throw from her parade entry.

Little girls' tiny hands are no place to hold a mess of tootsie rolls, get this girl a bucket, bag, hat or something.

A volunteer looks on during the demo derby as one of the cars shoots up some dirt.

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