Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heat Wave

This week I picked the Martha and the Vandella's song (Your Love is Like a) "Heat Wave" because it has been very hot and humid throughout the Midwest, including Bottineau.

I can't imagine it was much fun for the legion baseball players or especially the racers up at Thunder Mountain Speedway. I covered both baseball and the races this past week.

Next week should be a busy one, as I have lots of stuff planned. Hopefully it cools off.

Here are my pics for the week:

Bottineau shortstop Devin Bercier guns a New Rockford player out last Tuesday.

Taylor Milbrath about to deliver a pitch in last Tuesday's game in Bottineau.

Third baseman Logan Millican fields a ground ball.

Millican again with a great stab at third.

The umpire calls the New Rockford runner out after Mark LaCroix heaved a toss from home to Bercier.

Millican fields a bunt late in the game Tuesday.

Andrew Hill about to uncork on a fastball.

Millican bare hands a bunt during Wednesday's game. 

LaCroix about to smack one of his multiple hits in the game.

(From left outside of the car) Abriana Lesmann, Amber Getchell and Charlie Lesmann and Treyton Lesmann (inside car) get a ride from their favorite driver Byron Lesmann last Sunday night at Thunder Mountain Speedway's Kid's Night.

Old Glory as well as the Canadian flag fly prominently near the track last Sunday.

Bottineau's David Pederson runs into some bad luck as he had engine problems during last Sunday's race.

The sport stock division feature racers lineup for the restart.

The feature resumes after the caution, as the drivers get a green flag.

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