Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The long road home

Fearing poor weather, my Thanksgiving jaunt home began earlier than expected. I set out for Central Minn. Tuesday shortly after lunch. After finding clear roads for the entirety of my journey, I felt relieved to pull into the driveway of my folks place.

I got to spend some major quality time with my Godson, which was awesome. I also was able to see several long-lost relatives, some I haven't seen for years and others that it was good to see again.

I went 11-5 this week in my NFL picks making me 97-75 for the year, not too shabby.

Didn't cover much at all this week, but I do have a few pictures from up at the ski area north of Bottineau.

A snowboarder gets some air last Sunday at Bottineau Winter Park, 10 miles north of Bottineau.

A boarder rounds the curve at the bottom of one of the runs last Sunday.

A younger snowboarder turns to get in line for the ski lift last Sunday.

To girls finish up a run and prepare to go back up for more.

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