Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Feeling like a daily

With last night's last minute deadline story writing, it felt almost like I was writing for a daily. However, I was just making sure to get the Bottineau Stars volleyball team's Region 6 first round win into our weekly paper.

Also on the week I covered DCB winter sports--all of them, men's basketball, women's basketball and hockey.

I went 10-3 with my NFL picks this week, actually doing pretty well so far.

Here are the pictures from this week. (Just a reminder, these pictures belong to the Courant, not me, and can't be used, unless you have permission.)

Jacks freshman guard Jeremy Chambers shoots last Friday in a 109-85 win over Winnipeg Jr.

Jacks sophomore Adam Hunt attempts a layup last Friday in Bottineau during the Kevin Thom Classic.

Chambers hits a three last Friday.

Jacks sophomore Tyler Fischer poised to shoot a free throw last Friday.

Chambers steady's himself before attempting a free throw.

Jacks sophomore Tyson Harding attempts a jumper in the first quarter in last Friday's win.

Ladyjack's freshman Jordan Allard attempts a free throw last Saturday during the Kevin Thom Classic.

Ladyjacks sophomore Haley Mindt drives to the hoop last Saturday in Bottineau.

Mindt fights through a screen in the second half last Saturday.

Mindt scores two of her eight points last Saturday.

Ladyjacks sophomore Allison Scherr hits a jumper in the first half in last Saturdays 87-33 win.

Lumberjacks sophomore goalie Troy Chandler bats away a Beavers shot in the first period last Saturday.

Chandler and Sam Jelleberg try and keep the puck away from a Beavers forward Garrett Ferguson.

DCB's Jake Plutowski skates the puck into the Beavers zone last Saturday.

DCB's Kirby Braybrook tries to win a face-off in the first period in last Saturday's 7-1 loss in Bottineau.

Jelleberg tries to clear the puck out of the Lumberjacks zone in the third period last Saturday.

Lumberjacks center Alec Burks skates the puck across the blue line last Saturday in the second period.

Braybrook tries to control a loose puck in the third period last Saturday.

Lumberjacks defenseman Chris Martin tries to skate a breakaway past the Beavers bench in the Lumberdome.

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