Saturday, September 4, 2010

First blog post

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I hope to accomplish a few things with this blog. First, I would like to provide people with some brief news about sports happenings in the Bottineau area. Second, I will from time to time use this space as a place to talk about sports elsewhere specifically national sports, SCSU (my alma mater) sports and others. Lastly, I hope to use this blog to show friends and family some of the work that I have been doing while I have been living and working in Bottineau, N.D.

Some news:
Today I  covered the Bottineau High School football game in Belcourt. The two Braves squads fought back and forth, but Bottineau came out on top with a 26-18 victory. Bottineau fought off injuries to starters to down Belcourt on their homecoming game.

I hope to put up some of my unpublished pictures sometime in the future as it was a great day to take pictures (sunny and 70 degrees).

If you wish to read more about the game please buy the paper that I write for, the Bottineau Courant. If you would like to get a subscription email me ( and for a fee from $26-40/year (based on where you live) I will let you know how to obtain a weekly copy of the paper.

That's it for now. I will probably put up another post sometime next week, hopefully with some pictures.

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