Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Say Goodbye

This week I chose the song "Say Goodbye" by Beck. I chose it not only because the winter sports season is almost done, but also because this is likely my last blog post, or at least the last one from Bottineau.

If you haven't heard I am moving back near home in Minnesota in less than two weeks. I have taken a part-time sports gig there. I know I will surely miss it here in Bottineau, and I appreciate all of my readers. I may begin the blog again when I start back in Minnesota, but likely I will probably just use it to keep an update now and again.

I have a couple pictures from the fishing tournament hosted by the Jaycee's last weekend at Lake Metigoshe.

Kenny Knutson carries in a northern to be weighed last Saturday.

Marshall Grant hands over a northern to Knutson to be weighed.

Contestants listen to the rules before hitting the ice last Saturday at the Jaycee's fishing derby.

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