Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Under the Gun

This week I chose the Killers B-side Under the Gun because that's just what it is like out on the field now that fall sports are underway. Also I'll be under the gun tonight as I have my fantasy football draft tonight.

As defending champion of my league, I'll have a lot of pressure (and wisecracks) slung on my back.

Last week I had the pleasure of covering a Bottineau/Westhope-Newburg-Glenburn football game. I also spent most of my Saturday at the BHS gym covering the earlybird volleyball tournament. I had only a slight break when I traveled to Westhope to cover the Sioux's game against Stanley-Powers Lake.

This week I have only one game, and that is the Dakota College at Bottineau Jacks opening football game against Mayville State.

Anywho, plenty of pictures from this past week's events:

Bottineau junior Harrison Aide lines up on offense last Tuesday against the Sioux.

Braves quarterback Tanner Bickford delivers a pass last Tuesday.

Trevor Wettlaufer scampers for a touchdown in the second quarter.

Sioux junior Hunter Braaten hurls a pass.

Braaten tries to escape the clutches of Braves lineman Dalton Sivertson.

Aide gets forced out of bounds by Chase Conway of the Sioux.

Lane Berentson await Aide's move off the line last Tuesday.

Kodie Hancock gets wrapped up by Wettlaufer.

Braaten barks out the signal.

Karlie Hancock punts the football.

Aide attempts to juke Kodie Hancock.

Devin Korynta and Braaten try and drag down Wettlaufer on a run play.

Wettlaufer lays a big hit on Kodie Hancock.

Bickford prepares to throw.

The Eagles Lauren Mach blocks a Katryna Hahn hit.

Eagles senior Hadlee Schell smacks a shot over the net last Saturday in Bottineau.

Eagles setter Molly Lodoen passes a ball toward the net.

Logan Hermes goes low on a Blue Jays rusher, while Korynta looks to put on a big hit.

Braaten eludes a defender.

Braaten cuts toward the sideline.

Kodie Hancock hits the hole.

Kodie runs the ball.

Braaten and Karlie Hancock chase Blue Jays quarterback Sam Footh.

Hahn hammers home a point.

Junior Courtney Gallagher serves during a match last Saturday.

Hahn again goes for a kill.

Karlee McCloud (left) and Hahn (right) attempt to block.

Gallagher tips one over the net.

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