Tuesday, July 24, 2012

99 Problems

The Jay-Z classic 99 Problems perfectly describes the way my life is right now. I am a bachelor down on his luck that has a lot of problems--99 might not even be enough. However, I am confident that things are about to turn around.

This past week I covered several stories including: a garden tour preview, missionaries from Missouri building a park, legion baseball, Babe Ruth baseball, a new DCB basketball coach, the races and a look into the Shrine Bowl. Plus I also took what turned out to be the front page photo of the Bottineau fire department training.

I also was fortunate enough to make it home for my young Godson's third birthday party. The kid is cute, but I can tell he's going to be trouble when he gets older.

This week is my boss' big wedding and all that leads up to events like that. I guess that might sorta, kinda put me in charge (gasp). I hope all goes well. I also have a section tournament to cover, which fortunately is in Bottineau.

Here are the pics from this week:
Bottineau Babe Ruth left fielder Ethan Kerslake fires toward home last Sunday.

Luke Amsbaugh dives safely back into first base against Grafton last Sunday.

Catcher Brody Moum narrowly misses a pop fly behind the plate.

Moum makes a catch on a pop up.

Moum smashes a single in Sunday's first game.

Kellen Lagerquist fields a bunt from his third-base position.

Parker Engelhard fires a pitch.

Matt Hunter gets into the back of Seth Nelson and blows his front tire.

Erik Blada loses his right rear tire, which bounds off the track.

Again Blada's tire rolls off the track.

Kyle Romans nearly runs into the water truck after falling off the track.

The INEX Legend cars round turn three.

Bottineau firefighters battle one another in a training exercise last Tuesday.

Bottineau fire chief Eric Nostdahl leads his team on the hose.

Firefighters get drenched during the contest.

Other firefighters look on as two teams compete.

Things get a little wet for the watching firefighters, who got an unexpected shower.

Two teams duke it out.

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