Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cruel Summer

It definitely has been a "Cruel Summer" as Ace of Base puts it. Cruel mainly because it is going far too fast. It is nearly a third of the way over already.

I covered legion baseball, the Lansford threshing show and races at Thunder Mountain Speedway.

Have a few pictures to share this week. Keeping it light in honor of the summer that is still left:

Bottineau's Devin Bercier dives back into first against Harvey last Thursday.

Third basemen Ging Martin tries to fire out a Harvey runner at first.

Mark LaCroix starts to celebrate after successfully stealing home plate.

LaCroix celebrates as the umpire explains the call. The run was the eventual game-winner.

Martin successfully makes a catch despite colliding with shortstop Justin McCloud.

Garrett Lynnes fouls off a pitch in the second game last Thursday.

Cody Brooks fires a pitch in the second game.

Cody Smith loses control and smashes into Russ Reimer last Sunday in the sport stock feature race.

Jeff Smith (center) Norm Reitan (left) and Chris Romfo (right) toss balls to kids in the crowd.

A gentleman takes a rest on a bench and takes in the sights of the Lansford Threshing show.

Dave Iverson forks a pile of wheat into the thresher.

The Lansford threshers hard at work.

Chaff comes out of the spout at the end of the threshing process.

Lansford Threshers president Roger Sauer checks to make sure everythign is working properly.

The entire operation from start to finish for the Lansford Threshers and Historical Association.

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