Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Come Rain or Come Shine

The oft-covered song "Come Rain or Come Shine" has been performed by timeless artists such as Frank Sinatra, Etta James and B.B. King/Eric Clapton, and it perfectly encapsulates the Bottineau County Fair,  of which I was privileged enough to photograph this past Thursday through Sunday.

Many people grumbled to me about how the fair always produces at least a day of rained out events and diminished crowds, and in the two years I have covered it, that has come true.

The 2012 fair was no exception as rain drops were dodged and sun rays were basked in. I have many pictures left from my fair escapades that did not make the cut for the paper.

Jackson Bernstein rams into Austin Mastvelton, which spurs a radiator leak last Sunday at the Bottineau Jaycees demo derby.

Travis Lehman (left) colides with a car last Sunday at the Bottineau County Fair's demo derby.

John Stevenson roars into a car in the second heat.

Verdell Ovitt's wagon nearly tips during the third heat.

The side of Ovitt's wagon had Spongebob on it.

Jeff Smith signals cars to start up a derby heat.

This white wagon had parts spraying and falling all over the place.

The number nine car of Jackson Bernstein starts aflame in the finals with only three drivers left.

Firefighters extinguish the flame.

Rick Gustafson emcee's the amateur night on Thursday.

This grizzled cowboy tries to rope a steer during the Ranch Rodeo last Saturday.

Dokken Construction team members try to rope up a steer.

Contestants try their hand at wild cow milking.

Crowd members enjoy as Johnny Holm (and guests) perform last Saturday evening.

Johnny's daughter Jordan sings last Saturday.

Many young people had fun in the beer gardens during Johnny Holm Band's set.

These two young men joined Johnny for a sing-a-long.

Johnny rocks out with Eli during the concert.

Gary Fulsebakke sings to the crowd last Thursday at Amateur Night.

One half of the Artz sisters, Kelsey, sings on the stage as the wind roars into her face.

The other of the Artz sister's, Heidi, sings last Thursday.

Heidi belts out a note near the end of their third-place performance.

Katja Bartsch or Bottineau delivers a power note.

The crowd watches during Thursday's Amateur Night.

Krystal Heth awaits her turn on stage.

Darryl's racing pigs spring around the oval.

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