Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This week I chose the song "College" by Pat Green because the green and white of the DCB hockey and basketball teams hit their respective surfaces for home games this weekend.

Those were the only things I covered, and they are all on the road this week. That leaves me with Region 6 volleyball playoffs left as my only fall sport and my only photo op's this week. I will be heading down to either the championship or the third place game on Thursday in Minot.

A not so great week thanks to all the late games and the Sunday and Monday night games gave me an only 8-6 week in my NFL picks for week 9. I am now 92-48 on the season. Before I make my picks for week 10, I have decided i will revisit my original playoff predictions, and potentially tweak them at the midway point of the season.

Originally I had this:

AFC Playoffs:                                                               NFC Playoffs:
Round 1:(3) Houston vs. (6) NY Jets                              (3) Green Bay vs. (6) Atlanta
(4) San Diego vs. (5) Baltimore                                      (4) St. Louis vs. (5) New Orleans
Round 2: (6) NY Jets vs. (1) New England                     (6) Atlanta vs. (1) Tampa Bay
(5) Baltimore vs. (2) Pittsburgh                                     (5) New Orleans vs. (2) Philadelphia

Championships: (2) Pittsburgh vs. (1) New England        (6) Atlanta vs. (2) Philadelphia

Superbowl: New England over Philadelphia 31-17

After a half-season and further review, the picture has changed thusly:

AFC Playoffs:                                                            NFC Playoffs:
Round1: (3) New England vs. (6) Buffalo                     (3) New Orleans vs. (6) Chicago
(4) San Diego vs. (5) Cincinnati                                   (4) NY Giants vs. (5) Atlanta
Round 2: (5) Cincinnati vs. (1) Houston                        (5) Atlanta vs. (1) Green Bay
(3) New England vs. (2) Baltimore                               (3) New Orleans vs. (2) San Francisco

Championships: (5) Cincinnati vs. (3) New England        (1) Green Bay vs. (3) New Orleans

Superbowl: Green Bay over New England 38-27

Now for my week 10 picks:
San Diego over Oakland
Philadelphia over Arizona
Tennessee over Carolina
Miami over Washington
St. Louis over Cleveland
Buffalo over Dallas
Cincinnati over Pittsburgh
Jacksonville over Indianapolis
Denver over Kansas City
New Orleans over Atlanta
Baltimore over Seattle
Chicago over Detroit
San Francisco over New York Giants
New England over New York Jets
Green Bay over Minnesota

I have a bunch of good pictures from this weekend in Bottineau sports as well:

Jacks sophomore Will Kinsman tries to backhand the puck toward the net last Saturday against NDSU.

Jacks forward Brenden Cawston passes past a Bison defender last Friday.

Bottineau native Seth Serhienko backhands the puck for the Jacks first goal last Friday.

DCB's Nick Sutton tries to coral a puck.

Jonny Heidbrink slaps a shot toward the net.

Luke Cieklinski carries the puck down ice.

Doug Evans dumps the puck in the Bison zone.

Ryan Schaner tries to get past an NDSU defender to get a loose puck up against the boards.

Cole Reisenhauer looks for a lane to shoot through last Saturday.

Cieklinski prepares to shoot.

Schaner looks to shoot.

Jacks sophomore goalie Troy Chandler stops a Bison shot in the third period on Saturday.

Jacks center James Odneal goes up toward the hoop last Friday.

Freshman Colby Boyes attempts a shot with a CMU defender all over him last Friday.

Sophomore transfer Cameron Malzer floats a shot over Blazer defenders last Friday.

Odneal flushes one last Friday.

Freshman Kayla Nelsen attempts a trey last Friday against CMU.

Freshman Megan Green goes up for a hoop in the post last Friday.

Freshman Kalli Engh tries to drive past a CMU defender last Friday.

"Air" Odneal about to slam another dunk against Winnipeg last Saturday on a fast break.

Shakira Walker drives into the lane against CMU last Friday.

Malzer hits a three against the Wesman.

Sophomore Jeremy Chambers drives to the basket last Saturday.

Freshman Jayden McMillin goes strong to the hoop.

McMillin again goes up strong.

Who does this coach think he is? Jerry Tarkanian? Sit down and lose the towel.

Malzer calls out a play last Saturday.

Levi Tomlinson goes in for a lay up on a fast break.

Fans celebrate after "Air" Odneal strikes again.

Engh tries to drive past a Wesman defender.

Freshman Jordyn Sondrol drives to the hoop last Saturday.

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