Thursday, September 8, 2011

2nd Annual NFL Pick 'em

For my second year at the helm as sports editor here at the Bottineau Courant, I will again be doing a little NFL prediction-pick 'em-fun-style-jamboree. However, unlike last year I won't be picking each weeks games all at the beginning of the year. Nay. I will be doing them week by week like a normal columnist or logical human being.

I will still have my record predictions for each team and predicted playoff outcomes, but I will be basing my picks off week-by-week decisions (that other way didn't work so great for me last year).

Just a few of my faux pa's from last season's pick 'em: I picked the New York Jets (11-5) to go 4-12; I picked the 6-10 Vikings to win the Super bowl; I picked the 49ers to go 13-3 as well as the Houston Texans (both teams were 6-10; lastly but not least, I picked the Cleveland Browns to win their division with a 10-6 record (they finished 5-11).

However, I did got 142-110 in my picks overall last season, I imagine that number will go up this year.

Without further ado the picks. The season picks first:

AFC                                                                                  NFC
AFC North                                                                        NFC North
Pittsburgh 13-3                                                                 Green Bay 11-5
Baltimore 11-5                                                                  Detroit 8-8
Cleveland 6-10                                                                  Chicago 7-9
Cincinnati 4-12                                                                  Minnesota 4-12
AFC East                                                                          NFC East
New England 14-2                                                           Philadelphia Eagles 13-3
New York Jets 10-6                                                           New York Giants 11-5
Buffalo 7-9                                                                       Dallas Cowboys 10-6
Miami 5-11                                                                    Washington Redskins 3-13
AFC South                                                                       NFC South
Houston 12-4                                                                   Tampa Bay 13-3
Indianapolis 8-8                                                                New Orleans 12-4
Tennessee 6-10                                                                 Atlanta 12-4
Jacksonville 4-12                                                              Carolina Panthers 1-15
AFC West                                                                        NFC West
San Diego 8-8                                                                  St. Louis 10-6
Denver 7-9                                                                      Arizona 7-9
Oakland 7-9                                                                     San Francisco 5-11
Kansas City 2-14                                                              Seattle 3-13

AFC Playoffs:                                                               NFC Playoffs:
Round 1:(3) Houston vs. (6) NY Jets                              (3) Green Bay vs. (6) Atlanta
(4) San Diego vs. (5) Baltimore                                      (4) St. Louis vs. (5) New Orleans
Round 2: (6) NY Jets vs. (1) New England                     (6) Atlanta vs. (1) Tampa Bay
(5) Baltimore vs. (2) Pittsburgh                                     (5) New Orleans vs. (2) Philadelphia
Championships: (2) Pittsburgh vs. (1) New England        (6) Atlanta vs. (2) Philadelphia
Superbowl: New England over Philadelphia 31-17

So now, Week 1 picks:
New Orleans over Green Bay
Atlanta over Chicago
Houston over Indianapolis
Buffalo over Kansas City
Tennessee over Jacksonville
Cleveland over Cincinnati
Philadelphia over St. Louis
Pittsburgh over Baltimore
Tampa Bay over Detroit
San Diego over Minnesota
New York Giants over Washington
Arizona over Carolina
San Francisco over Seattle
New York Jets over Dallas
New England over Miami
Denver over Oakland

We shall see how I do (given my track record likely not well), but hey it's fun. Have fun watching the action on the grid iron. I do have one small piece of fantasy advice, if Andre Roberts is available in your league, pick him up. He is now the no. 2 guy in Arizona and they will be passing a LOT this season.

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