Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This week I picked the song "WTF?" by Ok Go, because that was exactly my reaction to waking up to foot deep snow drifts on May 1. It was also my reaction to the Vikings drafting Christian Ponder at No. 12 Thursday night, guess they didn't read my blog for advice. Fortunately they did really well with their other picks.

I finally got a decent week of weather the past week (minus the snow over the weekend), which allowed me to attend some sporting events in the area.

I was able to take pictures of Dakota College at Bottineau baseball and softball (they lost).

Here are some pics that weren't published in the paper:

DCB freshman pitcher Tawnya Tychinski about to deliver a pitch last Thursday at Tommy Turtle Park in Bottineau.

Ladyjacks sophomore Jen Theissen is thrown out trying to steal second against Minot State JV last Thursday.

The Ladyjacks right before they take the field last Thursday in Bottineau.

Tychinski delivers a pitch in last Thursday's doubleheader against the Beavers.

DCB sophomore Seth Cory delivers a pitch against Miles City last Thursday evening.

Jacks pitcher Mike Foerster winds up for a pitch in last Thursday's 26-0 loss to Miles City.

Pat Schinskie catches a fly ball in left field at the Lumberyard last Thursday in Bottineau.

Freshman Zach McBeain makes a play from third base last Thursday.

Travis Martin hurls a pitch late in the game last Thursday against the Pioneers.

DCB pitcher Brett Senechal fields a grounder Friday against Miles City.

Cody Benson connects with a ball in the first inning last Friday.

Benson throws to first last Friday against the Pioneers.

Student assistant Kirby Braybrook congratulates Foerster after he draws a walk Friday.

Benson attempts to tag out a Pioneers runner who attempts to steal second base.

Senechal about to deliver a pitch in the fifth inning last Friday.

Drew Haight watches a ball in the bottom of the fifth last Friday.

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