Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One long layout

Due to the overwhelming amount of ads we received this week, and as ads dictate the amount of pages we produce in the paper, we had a long layout and a big paper.

We had a paper of 26 pages, none of which were full page ads mind you, and ended up scrambling for content and creating two full photo pages.

Besides the hectic 14.5 hour work day I had monday (layout day), I also covered some sports last week.
Last Tuesday I went and covered the 52-16 beating that Westhope-Newburg-Glenburn dealt to Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood (MLS) in nine-man football, giving them the top seed in Region 5 and a first round bye.
The bye then opened up my weekend schedule and I got to travel home for the weekend.
But first, Thursday I went to Newburg to cover the final home game of the Newburg-Westhope Eagles and ended up seeing a sensational match as the Eagles squeaked out a close victory over the visiting Mustangs of MLS.
So, due to the bye, I decided to make the just over six hour drive back to Albany and visit the folks and some friends and especially my godson, Samuel. I got to see him walk for the first time (man he really can scoot) and also got to eat a Gordy Burger from the Bowling Alley, which was delicious. The drive there and back were both terrible, but the drive back was a little better due to the fact I listened to the Vikes win over the Cowboys.

Speaking of the NFL, I went 7-7 in my picks again this week. As my initial impressions of the teams this year wear off, my picks have been getting worse and worse. Next year I think im just going to pick the winners right before the week happens, then maybe I'll have a better record.
Anyways, here are some pics I took this week:

Sioux senior Brandon Brodehl carries the ball for a gain in last Tuesday's 52-16 win over MLS.

Sioux senior Taylor Teske drags down Mavericks runningback Adam Undlin for a loss last Tuesday.

Eagles seniors Alisha Braaten (left) and Hailiee Sivertson (right) block a Mavericks shot last Thursday on senior night.

Eagles senior Kendra Thom prepares to serve last Thursday in Newburg.

Thom serving the ball last Thursday.
Brodehl eludes Maverick defenders enroute to a big gain last Tuesday.

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