Tuesday, September 10, 2013


This week I chose Eminem's new hit Berzerk from his upcoming album, which I'm, to use a great 90s colloquialism, "stoked" to hear.

I chose it because fall sports are up and running and with five games to cover this week (along with watching a ton of football) I might be going Berzerk by the end of the week.

This season I am in four fantasy football leagues. I split this week, winning in two leagues and losing closely in two others. Zach Sudfeld and Lamar Miller really let me down this week (I have the Talented Mr. Roto to thank for that).

I went 10-for-16 on NFL pick 'em this week. 

I also have many pictures to share. Here they are (they are all volleyball):

Bottineau junior Stephanie Brenden watches to see if her spike will land in for a kill last Thursday against Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood.

Senior Danielle McDonald goes up for a hit against the Mavericks.

Rachael Fix digs out a ball last Thursday.

Senior setter Bailey Neubauer puts up a set last Thursday.

Fix goes after a ball.

Fix returns a serve during last Saturday's early bird tournament.

Neubauer (left) and Kennedy Olson (right) go up for a block during last Saturday's tournament.

Sophomore Shelby Grenier passes to a teammate.

Senior Karlee McCloud hits the ball over the net in a semi-final match.

Senior Courtney Gallagher smashes a hit during the semi-final match against MLS.

Pretty neat shot of Newburg-Westhope's Lexi Wyman.

Newburg-Westhope Eagles captains Ashlyn Huber (middle left) and Lauren Mach (middle right) watch the coin toss before their first match last Saturday.

Mach goes high for ball in pool play.

Eagles junior Paige Stratton goes to smash a kill.

Maddy Lodoen returns a serve.

Huber, the Eagles' senior libero, passes the ball to the setter.

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