Tuesday, April 23, 2013

When Will This End

This week I chose the Korn song "When Will This End" in regards to the winter weather that is here. Just when it appears that it will end, it snows, and they extend the warmup another few days. The light is at the end of the tunnel with 62 the advertised high on Saturday. Pretty please make that be the case.

In the mean time I've been continuing to find other stories to fill up my time. This past week I interviewed and wrote a story about a BHS graduate who ran in the Boston Marathon. I also covered Dakota College at Bottineau's 5k. I did a DCB recruit and wrote a story about an All-American. I also photographed the Bottineau school's choir concert entitled "Time Warp."

This week I should be going down to Minot to catch the DCB softball team (weather permitting), but beyond that I still don't see any home games in the are for another week at least.

I have a few pictures to share.

Maria Diepolder (left) and Alberto Moncera (right) perform during the opening number of Time Warp last Saturday at BHS.

Members of the BHS Choir sing during the '60s portion of the show.

More flower children.

Halie Haakenson sings a solo during the '70s portion of the show.

The Village People made an appearance.

Billy Engel (near left) teaches a group of youngsters about ball handling.

Jadyen McMillin works with a group of young ladies on rebounding.

Colby Boyes looks on as the kids practice layups.

Cory Fehringer barks instructions during a box out drill.

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