Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cold as Ice

This week I picked the Foreigner classic "Cold as Ice" because the Bottineau 19U were frozen out at the state championship game this past weekend in Fargo.

The Bottineau girl's hockey team lost 5-3 in the championship to the Fargo Freeze.

I wasn't personally able to make it to the tournament, but Bottineau Courant intern Heather Milbrath, who attends NDSU, was able to take some excellent pictures.

I really like them, and I think you will too. She did a great job.

All the following photos from the tournament were taken by Heather:

Sonja Gilje skates the puck behind the Bottineau net at the 19U State Tournament last weekend in Fargo.

Karlee McCloud goes for the steal in last Saturday's double OT win over Crosby in the semifinals.

Senior's Tiffany Schuster (Left) and Morgan Klebe (right) embrace goaltender Jacie Ceglowski after the Avalanche lost 5-3 to Fargo in the title game last Sunday.

Natalie Bahr (left), Baily Neubauer (right), Ashley Blue and another teammate celebrate after a goal last weekend.

Erin Severson delvers a pass.

Blue shoots the puck past a diving Mayport defender and goalie in last Friday's 9-5 win.

Bahr tries to swat at the puck after going down to the ice during last Friday's game.

Blue skates down the ice with the puck.

Blue (left) watches as Bahr skates past two comet defenders.

Later in the rush Bahr gets tangled under Crosby net minder Tieranay Johnson as Blue scoops up the loose puck.

Bahr skates up ice with the puck.

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