Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't Look Back

I've now decided to try my best to make a song title the title of my blog, just for fun. This week it's "Don't Look Back" by Boston. I picked this because last week wasn't a week to look back fondly upon for Bottineau Sports.

Tuesday both BHS girl's and boy's basketball squads lost in close matches against rival Rugby.

Thursday the DCB men's team lost in a 90-89 thriller (the women's team won, but still).

The BHS hockey team lost Saturday night to Bismarck Century and fell out of first place.

I covered a lot of these events, and they could make Bottineau fans depressed, but my advice (stolen from Boston) is "Don't Look Back." It is Snow Fest this week and I will be playing a ton of trumpet with the BHS Pep Band, as well as covering several sports.

I don't really care much about the Super Bowl, but I think that Pittsburgh will win 28-17.

Here are my pics for the week:

One Bottineau fan was fired up about the Bottineau/Rugby rivalry games.

Sophomore Devon Grenier drives past a Rugby defender last Tuesday in Bottineau.

Braves junior Justin McCloud watches his three-pointer go in during the first half.

Junior Mark LaCroix passes to a teammate in the first half last Tuesday.

McCloud flies down the court on a fast break in the first half.

Some witty signage displayed by a Bottineau fan.

Braves senior Jake Folven attempts to drive down the base line.

Grenier scores two after a turnover late in the fourth quarter.

The Jacks bench gets fired up after Adam Hunt hits a three-pointer in the first half last Thursday vs. Bismarck State.

Sophomore Jordan Ralph passes to Hunt in the first half.

Hunt drives past a Mystics defender in the first half last Thursday.

The bench gets excited once again after a Jabari Martin three ball.

Hunt shoots a three in the second half.

Jacks fans are excited late in the second half.

Ladyjacks freshman Jordan Allard drives betwixt two Mystics defenders last Thursday.

DCB sophomore Allison Scherr hits a lay-up on the first half.

Sophomore Kate Helgeson scores two last Thursday vs. Bismarck State.

DCB Coach Wayne Johnson looks on as sophomore Haley Mindt tries to control a loose ball

Mindt for three in the first half.

Johnson watches as his team prepares for the second half.

Mindt auditions for DCB's version of 'The Black Swan.'

Mindt after she made a 'heads up' play.

Stars junior Whitney Page passes to Alysha Thompson last Saturday against Grafton.

BHS senior Alyssa Strong corrals a pass in the first half last Saturday.

Stars junior Heidi Artz drives between two spoiler defenders last Saturday.

BHS junior Mikayla Hahn puts up a shot in the first half.

Stars sophomore Katryna Hahn about to shoot in the first half.

Page attempts a jumper near the end of the first half.

Artz is fouled as she drives to the basket.

Thompson scores in transition in the second half Saturday.

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